The Hard Air Magazine Guide To Understanding JSB Pellet Labels

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always been a little confused about the names on JSB pellet labels. So I checked around with some friends and they weren’t too sure either…

But it was also clear to me that obviously JSB has a system behind the words on its pellet labels. It’s just that I had not been able to comprehend it!

So, at the 2018 IWA OutdoorClassics show in Nuremberg, I spoke to Pavel Kolabec – JSB’s main man – and asked for his help to translate the meaning of the words on JSB pellet labels. That’s Pavel in our photograph above.

As you might imagine, it’s actually quite simple when you know! Pavel did explain also that these names have grown up over the many years JSB has been manufacturing pellets. This means that some of them have a more complex, historical, logic behind the name that I’ve omitted here for simplicity.

So here is the Hard Air Magazine guide to understanding JSB pellet labels. Enjoy!


Firstly, it’s important to know that some of the words on JSB pellet labels actually describe the caliber of the pellets. These words are used in many cases instead of the numeric caliber itself.

JSB NameMeaning
EXACT.177 caliber if there's no other descriptive words
Jumbo.22 Caliber
King.25 Caliber

However, some calibers are actually identified by numbers. For example .20, .35 etc.


Some of the words are used to describe the general weight of the pellet. The precise weight is also indicated on the label in Grains and grams, of course. And note that there’s no name on JSB pellet labels for middle weight. It’s a middle weight pellet if there is no other weight name on the label.

JSB NameMeaning
RSThe lightest lead pellets, abbreviation for Rapid Speed
ExpressLight, but heavier than RS
Medium weight pellets have no weight designation!
HeavyAbove mid weight
MonsterHeavier than Heavy pellets
BeastThe heaviest weight pellets

Pellet Types

Some of the words indicate the pellet type. These can cover the pellet shape, or its intended use. Like these…

JSB NameMeaning
DiaboloGeneric indicator of pellet shape
ExactDomed when used with other descriptors
HadesHigh expansion hunting pellets
MatchWadcutters for competitive target shooting
StratonPointed pellets
Ultra ShockHollow point, non diabolo-shaped pellets
SCHaKWadcutter training pellets
Target SportLow-priced wadcutters
PolymagPolymer-tipped, two-part pointed pellets
MetalmagMetal-tipped, two-part pointed pellets

Note that EXACT is also used as an overall brand name on many JSB pellet labels.

More Pellet Types

There are also other descriptive words used for more pellet types. Really, I just broke these out to avoid making the previous table too long and complex to read!

JSB NameMeaning
PremiumIndividually selected by hand and also by weight
PbFreeLead-free, tin pellets
GTOLead-free, tin pellets for US market
ShortsReduced overall length
RedesignedNew version of an existing pellet design
TestPacks of multiple different pellet sizes and weights

Special Match Pellet Types

Given JSB’s historical background in developing and manufacturing wadcutter pellets for precision match competition, it’s not surprising that there’s also a group of names specifically dedicated to this type of airgun sport.

JSB NameMeaning
GreenLight weight match wadcutter pellets
YellowMid weight match wadcutter pellets
BlueHeavy match wadcutter pellets
S100The old name for heavy match wadcutter pellets, still retained on some designs for historical reasons

So that’s it. Really it’s easy and obvious to understand JSB pellet labels when you know how! I hope that this Hard Air Magazine Guide will help you in future.

Thanks Pavel!