Hard Air Magazine Launches HAM Awards for Air Rifles.

Quality, Usability, Value and Performance. These are the key decision points for anyone buying an air rifle.

Now, for the first time ever, these factors are all taken into account in a rating system that allows airgun buyers to make real “like for like” comparisons between different air rifles. It’s called HAM Awards.

Hard Air Magazine specializes in detailed test reviews of airguns and related products.

As HAM reviews are conducted according to standardized test protocols, HAM test reviews scores can be directly compared to each other.

For example, air rifle A might gain a HAM score of 86%. This means that it is better in an absolute sense than air rifle B which gains a score of 74% as the two test reviews were conducted under identical conditions.

But what if air rifle B costs twice as much as air rifle A? Which is really the better buy?

HAM Awards help you make that tough call.

There are three levels of Hard Air Magazine test review awards:
HAM Gold Awards
HAM Silver Awards
HAM Bronze Awards

An air rifle costing $100 that scored 75% in a HAM test review would qualify for HAM Gold Award status. If another air rifle also scored 75% in a HAM test review but cost $550, it would not even receive a HAM rating at all!

Hard Air Magazine’s comprehensive test database allows HAM Awards to be allocated on the basis of actual “apples to apples” comparisons in transparent test reviews.

Unlike almost every other online airgun media in the USA, Hard Air Magazine is independent of control or influence by any manufacturer, distributor or importer. This means that HAM test reviews and HAM Awards are truly independent and give airgun buyers real confidence in their purchase decisions.

Check out HAM Test Reviews and look for the air rifles with the HAM Gold Award logo. These are the best buys at any price level!

There’s more detail on how HAM Awards are decided in Hard Air Magazine’s Buyer’s Guide.

Air Arms HFT 500 Air Rifle Test Review

Note that HAM Awards for air pistols and other airgun products will be coming shortly.