H&N Slugs Deliver Greater Expansion

Everyone’s talking about slugs, particularly about Ballistic Coefficients. But the in-target performance is just as important. For that reason, H&N Slugs deliver greater expansion in the target with the company’s new head design.

Our heading photograph above – courtesy of H&N Sport – shows a comparison of the in-target expansion between two of the company’s slugs in ballistic gelatin. Both slugs are 30 Grain weight and .218 diameter, but – as you can see – the results are very different!

The right slug shows a large wound channel and considerable flattening of the slug on impact. This is a shot from the currently-available H&N Slug HP.

But – WOW! – the left slug shows a really enormous wound cavity and even more flattening. That is due to H&N’s new “T-Slot” hollow point design. Clearly that provides an even more devastating impact and resulting, humane, one shot kill on the target.

It’s tough to photograph the difference, however these HAM photos attempt to illustrate the difference…

H&N Slugs Deliver Greater Expansion

The photograph above shows an extreme close-up of the hollow point of a current H&N Slug HP. Note the relatively shallow depth of the depression and the shallow angle of the sides.

Below we see a similar photograph of the new “T-Slot” head design. Here we see that there’s an additional deeper, sharper-angled depression in the head. That’s what makes these H&N Slugs deliver greater expansion!

H&N Slugs Deliver Greater Expansion

In fact, H&N explains that this new “T-Slot” hollow point head design is already incorporated in many of their slugs. This includes all the .25 caliber models and the “Heavy Slug” versions in .22 caliber. That’s the .22 cal slugs with a weight of 34 Grains and above.

In future this head design will be applied to the .22 caliber slugs in 25, 27 and 30 Grain weight. Once these become available, these slugs will be designated by the “Slug HP II” name and feature a red “Massive Expansion” graphic on the label.

H&N Slugs Deliver Greater Expansion

The lighter 21 and 23 Grain slugs in .22 caliber will retain the existing, shallow hollow point design.

H&N confirms that the precision and Ballistic Coefficients of the new “Slug HP II” models is unchanged. That’s good as the 25 Grain H&N Slug HPs performed extremely well under HAM testing, earning a Gold Award for quality, value and performance.

H&N Slug HP, .249 Cal., 36 Grains, Hollowpoint, 120ct 0.25