Let’s Look At Sightron SIII Series FT 10 – 50 x 60 Riflescopes

Sightron SIII Series Field Target 10 – 50 x 60 riflescopes are airgun-ready, with a focus on FT competition. They have a great reputation with Field Target shooters! However, they are suitable for far wider use than just FT competition and practice.

All models are designed and manufactured by Sightron itself in its own factory in Japan. For many scope purchasers, such a pedigree is – in itself – a highly-significant factor in their purchasing decision.

Below, a Sightron SIII Series Model 25011 scope mounted on a Daystate Revere air rifle.

Sightron SIII Series

As the name implies, Sightron SIII Series FT 10 – 50 x 60 scopes all have a whopping 5 x magnification range, from 10 x to 50 x magnification. Combined with the 60mm objective lens, this means that they are large scopes and need to be mounted with this in mind. High rings will almost certainly be in order.

We used UTG Pro rings from Leapers to install a Series III FT scope. The finish of both matched precisely and they worked well together.

Other common specifications for SIII Series FT scopes are an overall length of 26.9 Inches and 30.8 Ounces weight. They all have a 30mm tube diameter and include side parallax adjustment for ranges between 10 and 300 Yards. This makes them ideal for long-range airgun benchrest shooting and hunting, too.

Below. Shooting a Sightron SIII Series Model 25011 scope on a Benjamin Bulldog air rifle.

Sightron SIII Series

In fact, there are five models in the Sightron SIII Field Target series. The differences are to be found in the combination of reticle and turret. Three models combine target-style, capped elevation and windage knobs with MOA reticles. Two have Mil-hash reticles.

Model NumberReticle TypeReticle AppearanceTurret ConfiguationClick Value
25010MOA-2Capped Target1/8 MOA
25018MOA-HCapped Target1/8 MOA
25210MOA-1Capped Target1/8 MOA
25211Mil-HashTactical0.5 MRAD
25179Mil-HashZero Stop0.5 MRAD

As Second Focal Plane scopes, the click values given in the table above relate to 24 x magnification. They will – of course – represent double the angular distance at 12 x and half at 48x mag. Although the graduated reticles can be used to calculate a target’s range, most airgunners will likely use them for holdover when shooting instead.

In each case, the reticles can be illuminated – if required – by using the graduated control knob on the eyepiece.

Sightron SIII Series

Above and below, HAM Tester Doug Rogers uses a Model 25018 Sightron SIII FT scope on his Air Arms HFT 500. As you can see, he has added a cant indicator and aftermarket Nautilus “sidewheel” with his own tape for range finding in FT competition.

A large, 5-Inch diameter, machined Aluminum sidewheel is included with all FT models for precision ranging. Unlike many sidewheels, this is not pre-marked with ranging distances. Sightron expects that customers for its SIII Series scopes will want to create their own “range tapes” for use with their own specific combination of air rifle, pellet and personal vision.

That marks these scopes out as being intended for serious users!

Other supplied accessories include a wonderous, 3-Inch long rubber eye cup and a pair of flip-up lens covers. There’s also an instruction sheet giving vast detail about the reticle, its graduations and how to use it.

Sightron SIII Series

HAM will be looking in more detail at the Model 2511 Sightron SIII Field Target scope in future. That’s the one with the tactical turrets and Mil-Hash reticle.

Sightron SIII Series Field Target 10 – 50 x 60 Scopes