Let’s Look At The MTC Optics Copperhead 4-16×44 F2 Scope

The MTC Optics Copperhead 4-16×44 F2 scope is a recent introduction from the British optics company.

MTC Optics is a part of the Daystate/BRK (Brocock) group. This means that its riflescopes – and other products – are specifically designed for airgun use. The Copperhead range is the company’s latest range of products, they’re identified in an eye-catching manner with a copper-colored objective ring and other branding.

In MTC Optics terminology, “F1” designates a scope with a First Focal Plane reticle. “F2” indicates that the scope has its reticle in the second focal range.

The Copperhead 4-16×44 F2 scope we’re looking-at today arrived in the HAM offices for attachment to the company’s latest Brocock Ghost.

MTC Optics Copperhead 4-16x44 F2 Scope

We mounted the scope using Leapers UTG PRO P.O.I scope rings. Scope, rings and airgun matched together very well, providing a solid and well-balanced combination. You’ll see how they perform together in a future review!

There’s two Copperhead F2 models. We’re looking at the 4-16×44 model, however there’s also a 3-12×44 version. Both are compact and lightweight.

Our 4-16×44 scope is just 10.75 Inches long and weighs less than 24.5 Oz. Yet there’s still plenty of space to mount the P.O.I rings, which are themselves, fairly wide.

Both Copperhead F2 scopes are equipped with MTC Optics’ AMD2 reticle. As you would expect, the second focal plane design means that the MIL-markings on the reticle are true at only one magnification. In this case it’s at 10X, although the hashes can be used as an indication at other magnifications, too.

MTC Optics Copperhead 4-16x44 F2 Scope

The central crosshairs can be illuminated red if desired at multiple brightness levels. This is controlled by the outer ring of the left turret. Conveniently, there’s an “off” position between each of the six brightness levels, so it’s not necessary to rotate the turret far to turn illumination on or off.

MTC Optics Copperhead 4-16x44 F2 Scope

The inner ring of the left turret provides parallax correction down to a minimum range of 10 Yards.

The elevation and windage turrets both employ “pull out” locking caps. With a 0.1 MIL value per click, the adjustment range for both elevation and windage is 45.7 Inches at 109 Yards (116 cm at 100 M).

Both turrets are easy to operate, with distinct clicks that allow precise adjustments to be made easily.

Although HAM has not yet made any formal optical tests, first impressions are that the Copperhead 4-16×44 F2 scope has sharp, bright optics. In addition the reticle is nicely-sized, being neither too thick nor too thin, in our opinion.

The 4X magnification range is controlled by a ring just ahead of the eyepiece. Adjustment of reticle sharpness was also easy to do, with the reticle “snapping” into focus nicely.

Copperhead F2 riflescopes are priced in the mid-tier. Expect to see a Street Price of $479.99. That makes them definitely worth looking into!

MTC Optics Copperhead 4-16×44 F2 Scope