New .35 Cal FX Impact Announced

The 2020 IWA OutdoorClassics show may have been cancelled, but that has not stopped the announcement of the new .35 cal FX Impact.

To be precise, this is the .35 caliber FX Impact MkII With Power Plenum!

FX Airguns confirms that this new model is now in production. First shipments should arrive with dealers in April, 2020, says the company.

New .35 Cal FX Impact Announced

Obviously designed with hunting in mind, the .35 cal. Impact gives up to 40 shots per fill of its 580 cc HPA tank. Muzzle Energy is up to 150 Ft/Lbs with the 800 mm barrel.

The new FX Side-Shot magazine holds as many as 18 rounds in .35 caliber, making this new magazine the highest capacity found in any airgun, says FX Airguns.

FX Airguns confirms that they had other items to show at IWA. Of course! Watch out for new announcements soon…

However, the company has chosen to wait a little until these new items are in production before they are announced. This will give customers less time to wait between announcement and availability for these new products.

These tables give a summary of how the new .35 cal FX Impact fits into the product family. There’s a lot of choice and – of course – the interchangeable caliber capability means that one gun can achieve all this performance with the appropriate accessories and tuning…

FX Impact Power Comparison

CaliberMuzzle VelocityMuzzle EnergyBarrel LengthAmmo Weight, Type
.177Up to 1,000 FPSUp to 30 Ft/Lbs500 mm13.4 Grain pellets
.22Up to 990 FPSUp to 60 Ft/Lbs700 mm32 Grain slugs
.25Up to 995 FPSUp to 85 Ft/Lbs700 mm38.5 Grain slugs
.30Up to 890 FPSUp to 115 Ft/Lbs700 mm65.5 Grain slugs
.35Up to 915 FPSUp to 150 Ft/Lbs800 mm81 Grain pellets

FX Impact Shot Count Comparison

CaliberMuzzle VelocityConsistent ShotsHPA BottleMagazine CapacityAmmo Weight, Type
.177900 FPS325480 cc38 rounds8.4 Grain pellets
.22840 FPS225480 cc28 rounds15.89 Grain pellets
.25880 FPS110480 cc28 rounds25.39 Grain pellets
.30860 FPS100580 cc23 rounds44.75 Grain pellets
.35860 FPS40580 cc18 rounds81 Grain pellets
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