New Airguns at SHOT Show 2015 Day 2

Here’s some of the many more new airguns at SHOT Show 2015!

One highlight was the new Daystate Pulsar, shown above by Tony Belas of Daystate. This is a completely new bullpup PCP air rifle that is planned to be available from the US distributors Airguns of Arizona in the second quarter of 2015. This prototype looked beautiful and the finish was beyond reproach!

Gamo were showing prototypes of several new air rifles. One is the PCP Gamo Coyote in .177, .22 and .25 calibers, here being held by Fedor Palacios of Gamo USA.

New airguns at SHOT Show 2015 Gamo Coyote

Another 2015 airgun introduction from Gamo will be the Gamo Mach 1 Pigman air rifle that was highlighted by this huge poster. This will be available in both .177 and .22 calibers and will incorporate several new Gamo technology improvements, including the CAT trigger and RRR (Recoil Reduction Rail) that aims to absorb much of the recoil of powerful gas ram and spring/piston air rifles and so protect the scope.

New airguns at SHOT Show 2015 Gamo Mach 1 Pigman

Here’s Fedor Palacios again, holding the prototype Gamo Mach 1 Pigman.

New airguns at SHOT Show 2015 Gamo Mach 1 Pigman

Of course, we had to see the new AirForce Texas air rifle. In .45 caliber, this big bore airgun is big in every sense of the word yet feels light and natural to point and handle.

AirForce claims that the Texan is the most powerful production air rifle yet built with a muzzle energy of 500 Ft/Lbs!!!!!!!

The AirForce Texan has side lever cocking 9 Which felt very easy to operate) and is scheduled for volume availability late in Quarter 1 2015. Maximum power is obtained for 4 shots, but 12/14 shots is claimed to be a realistic number of strong shots from the standard high pressure air tank.

Below we see the AirForce Texan being shown by Cody Monroe of Predator-X magazine.

New airguns at SHOT Show 2015 AirForce Texan

One of the most innovative new air rifles was shown in prototype form by Shanghai Airguns. This very interesting concept builds on the existing very popular Beeman “dual barrel” air rifles that have interchangeable barrels.

In this prototype Dual by Beeman air rifle, there are TWO – yes two! – fixed barrels that are a permanent part of the gun. One  barrel is .177 cal, the other in .22 cal. The Dual by Beeman can be fired as a .177 by loading that caliber barrel. Or it can be fired as a .22 cal by loading that barrel. Or, amazingly, it can be fired with 2 pellets at once, one of each caliber, both fired at once!

Here a Dual by Beeman prototype is shown by Bill Chung of Shanghai airguns.

New airguns at SHOT Show 2015 Dual by Beeman

Below is a closeup of the dual loading ports. The .22 cal barrel is on top, the .177 cal below.

New airguns at SHOT Show 2015 Dual by Beeman

There’s more exciting news of new airguns at SHOT Show 2015 to come. Check back with Hard Air Magazine tomorrow!