New airguns at SHOT Show 2015 Day 4

In what could be the most significant new airguns at SHOT Show 2015, major firearms manufacturer SIG SAUER  has announced its entry into the airgun market. SIG SAUER showed a new range of military-style, tactical rifles, carbines and pistols. There are multiple models using High Pressure Air (HPA) and CO2 as the power source for rapid fire capability and high capacity magazines. All are based on the firearms equivalent SIG SAUER models and are almost entirely indistinguishable from them. They’re superbly realistic!

Our headline photograph above shows Lou Riley of SIG SAUER (right) holding a prototype SIG MPX carbine airgun, while Jorg Siemens of German pellet-manufacturer H&N (left) holds a SIG MXC air rifle.

SIG SAUER is part of the L&O Group, that also includes GSG (German Sport Guns) which includes Diana air rifles, Mauser and Blaser firearms brands. Because of the breadth and significance of the announcements made by L&O Group companies about airguns, HAM will cover this more fully in a separate report.

Yet another firearms manufacturer moving into airguns is Chiappa Firearms, more familiar for their range of quality reproduction blackpowder and historic firearms.

new airguns at SHOT Show 2015 Chiappa AR611 air rifle

Above, Giada Chiappa holds a prototype of the new .177 caliber Chiappa AR611 PCP air rifle. This PCP has a side lever action together with a truly outstanding trigger – at least judging from the two samples I tried.

Although basically a single shot air rifle, the Chiappa AR611 can be simply converted to 10-shot magazine feed with an optional extra kit. The AR611 has some interesting design features, including removable High Pressure Air tank, a rotatable muzzle weight that can accept dovetail-fitting front tunnel sights on one side and movable sight base for attaching a scope in the ideal position.

The Chiappa AR611 air rifle is available with a beautiful wood stock. It’s also available with what looks like a black synthetic stock but isn’t. The black stock is actually made of wood, sprayed with a black “soft touch” material that is extremely pleasant to hold – nothing like many synthetic stocks!

new airguns at SHOT Show 2015 Evanix side lever air rifle

Korean air rifle specialist Evanix was displaying a new prototype underlever, modular PCP air rifle, shown by SiYoung Lee of Evanix, above. This, currently unnamed, model can be configured with different capacity HPA tanks (these actually comprise the buttstock) and may appear in multiple calibers, including big bore versions.

Unlike most Exanix air rifles, this new model is a single shot gun of extremely simple – yet sophisticated – design. When will it be available? Maybe later in 2015.

new airguns at SHOT Show 2015 Remington air rifle

Firearms manufacturer Remington entered the airgun market at the 2014 SHOT Show. One year on, they are showing a number of prototype air rifles, including the currently-unnamed model with multi-adjustable synthetic stock carried above by Remington’s Cory Kizielewicz.

Displayed as prototypes were a new Remington Thunderjet air rifle and a Thunderceptor air rifle. These are gas ram airguns with synthetic stocks and sound suppressors. Remington also showed new BBs, CO2 cartridges and pellets to add to its growing air rifle and air pistol offerings.

The SHOT Show 2015 is now over. But Hard Air Magazine has yet more news to share! Yet other new airguns at SHOT Show 2015 will be shown in another report tomorrow.