New Daystate Magazine Now Shipping

There’s a new Daystate magazine that’s beginning to ship with the company’s air rifles ordered from Airguns of Arizona.

This new magazine has the same capacity as the old model – 10 shots in all calibers except .30 – and the same overall dimensions. But inside, there’s a complete redesign…

New Daystate Magazine Now Shipping

The new Daystate magazine is on the left. The familiar older model is to the right. I first saw the new-style magazine at the 2019 Extreme Benchrest shoot and was impressed with the prototype then.

A big difference is that the new magazine has a flip-up door. This allows pellets to be loaded much more rapidly than the older model. As many people know, the older model requires the pellet-holder to be clicked round past the loading port as each pellet is loaded.

New Daystate Magazine Now Shipping

To load, simply rotate the rotary pellet-holder of the new Daystate magazine completely clockwise. Then drop in the first pellet to lock the pellet-holder in place. Just drop the remainder of the pellets into the remaining apertures, snap back the lid and you’re ready to load the magazine into the gun.

Lauren Parsons from Airguns of Arizona shows us just how easy it is to do in this YouTube video.

So, this means that you have a choice of ways to load your Daystate air rifle – like the Wolverine R below. There’s the old-style magazine, the new magazine and the single shot tray.

They all slide into the breech of Daystate Red Wolf, Wolverine, Huntsman and other models in the same way. All have the positive magnetic catch, too. Although Daystate and Brocock magazines look similar, they are not interchangeable between the brands.

New Daystate Magazine Now Shipping

If you are buying a new Daystate air rifle from Airguns of Arizona, note that the new-style mag is being shipped on a stock turnover basis.

But if you’re ordering a new Red Wolf, Wolverine or other Daystate airgun and you really want to be sure you’ll receive the new magazine, you can request it when placing your order…