New Daystate Pulsar Synthetic Air Rifle.

Hard Air Magazine recently visited the Daystate airgun headquarters in the United Kingdom.

There, Marketing Director Tony Belas showed us a first example of the brand new Daystate Pulsar Synthetic air rifle. This version of the Pulsar is – we understand – mechanically similar to the ground-breaking new Daystate Pulsar air rifle introduced earlier in 2015, but is fitted with a black synthetic stock.

The Pulsar Synthetic uses a stock made from ballistic nylon. Daystate says that this top-of-the-range material is virtually unbreakable in normal use and is a favorite for military applications. It is the same material as used in Glock pistol frames.

All versions of the Daystate Pulsar are PCP (Pre Charged Pneumatic) airguns in bullpup configuration. They offer sophisticated electronic controls such as computer mapping for multiple power levels, together with operational data such as shot count, cylinder pressure and more.

Daysyate Pulsar air rifle models offer match grade Lothar Walther barrels, silky smooth lever action. Daystate claims the Pulsar provides the most precise and consistent control yet achieved over each individual shot in the string. This is due to the electronically controlled regulating and firing technology developed by Daystate.

All Daystate Pulsar air rifles are calibrated for three pre-programmed power settings. The results are recorded and stored at the Daystate factory. This means that data can be recalled for any given rifle and – as the Pulsar is digital – the results duplicated exactly, if required.

Although the Daystate Pulsar Synthetic air rifle is not yet available for sale, the beautiful walnut and laminated wood stock versions are in stock at Airguns of Arizona. Check out for full details.

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