New Gletcher M1891 CO2 Pistol Announced

Gletcher, a brand under Sport Manufacturing Group Inc. that specializes in the production of CO2 replica firearms, introduces, the M1891.  This is a popular CO2 version of the cut down Soviet-styled rifle with a functioning bolt system. This classic look-alike operates like the original.

Gletcher M1891 CO2 Pistol

The Gletcher M1891 CO2 pistol is an airgun replica of the classic sawed-off military rifle, is designed with precision and attention to detail. The heavy barrel is matched in weight and length with its predecessor. Gletcher claims that it provides provides accurate shoooting at up to 427fps.

Another small touch Gletcher added to the M1891 is an adjustable front sight, reflecting the dynamic appearance of the classic Soviet-styled rifle.

This sawn off Gletcher M1891 CO2 pistol is an unusual air gun that offers realistic cycling with a metal sliding bolt and smooth single-action trigger. An active magazine holds a maximum of 16, cal .177 steel BB’s and incorporates a 12 gram CO2 cylinder that is creatively positioned within the magazine itself.

Gletcher M1891 CO2 Pistol

The stock of the M1891 CO2 pistol is made of polyurethane composite and is durable and easy to maintain, yet has a look and feel of natural wood.  Gletcher offers an 18-month warranty with the M1891.

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Gletcher M1891 Specifications
– Magazine Capacity:    16
– Weight:        5.6 lbs.
– Length:        22” 7/16
– Muzzle Velocity:    427 fps
– Projectile:        .177cal steel BBs
– Propellant:        CO2
– Warranty:        18 months
– MSRP:            $199.99