New Stoeger Airguns X3 TAC Synthetic
at IWA Show 2015

New for Stoeger Airguns is a synthetic stock version of the X3 air rifle, shown here by Andre Wirth of Beretta, the ultimate holding company of the Stoeger Airguns brand.

The Stoeger Airguns X3 TAC is unashamedly a youth model and is a very nice starter gun for under $100.

The Stoeger Airguns X3 TAC synthetic has many typical features found on youth guns. However, the auto-safety is big, visible and easily used. The cocking force is said to the lowest available in a 600 fps gun – this is big for the target market.

The best feature of the X3 TAC may be the stock. They have nailed the proper LOP for youth and the comb height is very good.
Stoeger Airguns X3 Synthetic

As you can see in the photograph of Andre, above, this buttstock style is also being incorporated into other models in the Stoeger Airguns range, that may be introduced in the future.