New Stoeger XM1 Suppressor PCP Air Rifle In Stores

There’s a new version of the Stoeger XM1 Suppressor PCP air rifle becoming available in stores. This new version offers – most obviously – a new suppressor design, together with a number of less obvious changes.

All versions of the Stoeger XM1 Suppressor have offered a competitive price point combined with a flexible thumbhole stock and rather polarizing styling.

The latest version continues in that mold with the inclusion of the S4 suppressor design. This features a “over and under”-style double chamber silencer configuration as a way to improve backyard-friendliness, while still allowing visibility to the forward-mounted pressure gauge.

New Stoeger XM1 Suppressor PCP Air Rifle In Stores

Following long-standing Stoeger Airguns tradition, the new XM1 is available in a choice of black synthetic and Realtree camo versions. The Realtree version sells for $30.00 more, making it’s Street Price $259.99.

A sign of the times is that it is available in .22 caliber only. The overall market for .177 caliber PCP air rifles in the US has more-or-less dried up and this is (another) clear recognition of that fact. The new Umarex Gauntlet 2 also does not have a .177 caliber option.

Muzzle Velocity is specified as being up to the mandatory 1,000 FPS with alloy pellets.

However – as the Stoeger XM1 Suppressor PCP air rifle is unregulated and has a very small  – 100cc – HPA cylinder – with a 2,900 PSI fill pressure, it can be expected that the FPS will decline rapidly as shots are taken. HAM would expect the shot curve to be very similar to that of the Diana Stormrider before fitting a regulator, as both models share similar specifications.

New Stoeger XM1 Suppressor PCP Air Rifle In Stores

The bolt action uses a 7-shot magazine. Alternatively a single shot tray is also included for those who prefer single-loading their pellets.

Although fitted with open sights, the XM1 is also bundled with a 4 x 32 scope and rings. The rear slight has to be removed from its location on the barrel band to provide clearance for the scope, but this as a very easy job.

The stock continues the pattern of previous XM1 versions in being supplied with interchangeable cheek pieces, pistol grips and buttstock extenders. This provides un-matched flexibility of stock configuration for a PCP air rifle at this price point.

Optional Picatinny rails can also be attached to the stock’s forearm if required. This gives the potential for mounting additional accessories, of course.

Stoeger airguns are marketed by Benelli USA and the company provides a very competitive 5-year warranty with this new PCP air rifle.

Stoeger XM1 S4 Suppressor PCP Air Rifle, Black 0.22
Stoeger XM1 S4 Suppressor PCP Air Rifle, Realtree Edge 0.22