New – The Ruger Mark IV Pellet Pistol

The Ruger Mark IV is a long-running success as a .22 LR semi-auto pistol. And now there’s a Ruger Mark IV Pellet Pistol, too.

This is yet another new product from Umarex USA. The company is certainly rolling-out new airguns at an industry-leading rate right now!

This Ruger Pellet Pistol is similar in style to the bull barrel Mark IV Target firearm. It joins the Ruger 10/22 Air Rifle in the Ruger firearm replica range being produced through Umarex.

As with the 10/22 air rifle, the Mark IV pellet pistol is – maybe surprisingly – not a semi-auto. In fact, it’s a break barrel-cocking, single shot pistol that’s powered by a gas ram.

Ruger Mark IV Pellet Pistol

Announced in .177 caliber, the manufacturer’s specification is for a maximum Muzzle Velocity of 360 FPS with 7.0 Grain lead pellets. RWS Meisterkugeln Pistol 7.0 Grain pellets are HAM Gold Award-winning ammo. They’ll probably be a first choice for use with this new pellet pistol.

So clearly this is not a powerhouse pistol. But that should make it easier to manage and ideal for plinking and informal target shooting for a wide variety of shooters.

There’s a single-stage trigger and an elevation- and windage-adjustable rear sight. Pellets are loaded directly into the rear of the barrel when the pistol’s action is “broken”. This is a simple system that’s ideal for airgun first-timers and others who find pleasure in slow-fire shooting.

Overall length of the Mark IV pellet pistol is 11 Inches. The weight is 3 Lbs 2 Oz. This makes the airgun rather longer and heavier than the firearm original.

Ruger Mark IV Pellet Pistol

The price will be rather different, too. The pellet pistol Mark IV will sell for $49.95. That’s a useful saving compared to the .22 LR Mark IV Target model of $629.00…

Ruger Mark IV Pellet Pistol 0.177