PCPs, Pellets, Compressors And More At The 2023 SHOT Show

In this 2023 SHOT Show report, we’ll cover PCPs, pellets, compressors and more from a select range of vendors.

Barra Airguns is making some interesting moves in the airgun business. They’re doing things differently from many other airgun companies. So here’s some of the latest Barra Airguns updates…

The Barra 1000z is a solid, sidelever action PCP air rifle. We have one here at the Hard Air Magazine offices, ready for review. “Our gun” has the black synthetic stock, but Barra is pushing ahead with different stocks, including a synthetic camo version and a forthcoming, new, wood stock.

That’s Geo Schoonmaker, Barra Airguns’ product development guru in our heading photograph above, showing a prototype of the forthcoming wood stock. It looks good!

2023 SHOT Show

What we see above is another upgrade that’s coming for the 1100z. The base gun is unregulated. However Barra was showing an Altaros regulator upgrade that will soon be available. That’s it above.

HAM will be installing the regulator in our 1100z and testing the complete gun in regulated form in the near future. Look out for the forthcoming review!

In addition to the outstanding Barra 400E – the most accurate BB gun ever tested by HAM (by far) – Barra is also introducing its own range of pellets and 12 Gram CO2 cartridges, as we can see below.

Another Barra product that’s attractive to many new shooters is the Sportsman 1200g. This is a gas ram-powered breakbarrel air rifle that’s supplied with two barrels. For those who want both .177 and .22 calibers – or who can’t decide between the two! – the 1200g allows for a simple, rapid caliber change.

That’s Barra’s GM – Jake Wagner – explaining the concept. For shooters with long memories and who find this familiar, Barra has officially licensed the Beeman/SAG patent for use in this product. With that background, the 1200g is bound to be a strong seller!

2023 SHOT Show

JTS Airguns is another fairly new name in the airgun business that was exhibiting at the 2023 SHOT Show. In fact JTS has it’s roots in the long-standing Xisico company, so there’s lots of experience behind the new brand.

Below JTS Group Executive Vice President and CEO, David Ostrosky, shows us a new JTS Brawn PCP air rifle. The Brawn is a new bullpup PCP that was being shown for the first time at the show.

2023 SHOT Show

With a 3,200 PSI fill pressure, the .25 caliber Brawn works an 18-Inch barrel into its 35-Inch overall length and weighs-in at just over 9 Lbs.

It joins the existing Airacuda and Airacuda Max “full length” rifles in the JTS PCP lineup.

2023 SHOT Show

“Dead Center” is the name for a completely new range of pellets from JTS. They’re available in a variety of calibers and weights, as you’d expect.

Now let’s get to compressors!

The Air Venturi Krypton is a new water-cooled HPA compressor with a 4,500 PSI fill capability. Air Venturi says that it fills 15% faster than the previous version of this model. Another big benefit is that it includes an improved dessicant filter system to help prevent high pressure water from entering your beautiful PCP air rifle!

That’s the new filter stood on top of the compressor in our photograph below. Air Venturi is listing a MAP price of $1,599.99 for this new compressor.

2023 SHOT Show

Last for today’s report from the 2023 SHOT Show – but by no means least – is the new Air Venturi Rovair portable HPA compressor. MAP-priced at $499.99, the Rovair is a portable compressor that operates from a 100 Volt, 220 Volt or 12Volt electrical supply.

The Rovair fills to 4,500 PSI, is claimed to be maintenance-free and has an auto shutoff.

Expect both the Krypton and Rovair to be available in the near future.
Barra 1100z PCP Rifle 0.22

JTS Airacuda Max PCP Air Rifle 0.22