Pyramyd Air Offers Life Extended 4500 PSI SCBA Air Tanks

Pyramyd Air has announced the availability of Life Extended 4500 PSI SCBA air tanks for use with PCP airguns. “These LE tanks provide up to 14 years of usable life.” said Val Gamerman, President of Pyramyd Air. “They are exclusively available from Pyramyd Air and offer savings of up to $200 over new carbon fiber tanks.”

To do this, Pyramyd Air has partnered with Digital Wave Corporation, a leading authority of modal acoustic testing.

Using groundbreaking technology, each expired of the Life Extended 4500 PSI SCBA air tanks is rigorously tested and restored to Department of Transportation (DOT) standards, says Pyramyd Air. This extends each tank’s usable life, providing years of dependable service, and presenting a low-cost gateway for PCP airgunning, says the company.

“This is very exciting news for PCP airgun owners and those who are thinking about getting into precharged pneumatics.” continued Gamerman. “In the last few years, PCPs have come down in price, but the cost of fill sources has remained high.”

“This exclusive partnership means that airgunners can now purchase higher capacity carbon fiber tanks for less than the cost of smaller systems.“ he said. “They can save up to $200 on some Life Extended 4500 PSI SCBA air tanks.”

Using end-of-life tanks collected from fire departments across the country, Digital Wave subjects each tank to a series of demanding tests that include a visual inspection, ultrasonic cleaning, and Modal Acoustic Emission (MAE) tests to reveal any compromise in the cylinder. Once passed, end-of-life cylinders are given a new expiration date, They become Life Extended 4500 PSI SCBA air tanks and have a new life in the hands of PCP airgunners.

Pyramyd Air Offers Life Extended 4,500 PSI SCBA Air Tanks

Mark E. Anderson of Digital Wave Corporation said of the collaboration, “Being an avid airgun enthusiast myself, I knew that buying a brand-new carbon fiber cylinder is an expensive purchase. Digital Wave is excited to work with Pyramyd Air to give airgunners a new cost-effective carbon fiber pressure vessel alternative via these Life Extended 4500 PSI SCBA air tanks”.

Life Extended 4500 PSI SCBA air tanks s are currently available on Pyramyd Air in 30 minute (45 cu Ft), 45 minute (66 cu Ft) and 60 minute (88 cu Ft) options.

These include new DIN 300 valves and fill hoses with female quick disconnect couplings. Assorted sized Life Extended 4,500 PSI SCBA air tanks, with up to 14 years life remaining are available for purchase immediately on

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