Shooting Inovairtech Big Bore Air Rifles

After the SHOT Show 2015 had finished, I joined David Priestley and Paul Baxter – the owners of Inovairtech – shooting Inovairtech big bore air rifles in the Nevada desert. Below we see the gentlemen concerned with their air rifles.

Inovairtech Big Bore Air RiflesWe shot Inovairtech MAC 25 and MAC 35 air rifles, with impressive results. This target shows the sighters for both air rifles and also the group that settled-in at 50 yards. Bear in mind that this group was the result of three people shooting two air rifles and you can see that this was pretty consistent shooting at 50 yards!

Inovairtech Big Bore Air Rifles

I was impressed by the accuracy and design of these MAC 25 and MAC 35 big bores. The MAC 25 was shooting .257 cal pellets, the MAC 35 fired .357 cal projectiles.

Inovairtech air rifles use a Magnum Air Cartridge (hence the name MAC), that’s about the same size as a .50 cal BMG cartridge. Each cartridge is filled with high pressure air directly from a tank. A pellet is pushed into the front and then the cartridge is loaded and fired. It’s very easy to do and the cartridges can be filled and used any number of times. I was surprised at the low price of the Magnum Air Cartridges cartridges, which are less than $25 each when purchased in packs of 10.

The Magnum Air Cartridge is filled with air using a simple adapter.

Inovairtech Big Bore Air Rifles

Then the pellet pushes in like this.

Inovairtech Big Bore Air Rifles

The action of Inovairtech big bore air rifles is a straightforward-looking bolt action. It worked faultlessly in both calibers during our range session. I was particularly impressed with the excellent extraction when the bolt was opened after each shot.

Inovairtech Big Bore Air Rifles

Shooting the MACS, I was conscious of the excellent trigger pull, lack of recoil and the light weight of these air rifles.

They certainly attracted much attention from other shooters in the area. One pickup load of firearms shooters pulled up to see what we were shooting and were amazed that these were airguns! After a few shots with the MACs, they were impressed too and had a new appreciation for air rifles.

Hard Air Magazine plans to run a test review on Inovairtech Big Bore Air Rifles in future. I’m really looking forward to that!

Interested? You can find out more at the Inovairtech web site