Speedy Pellet Inspector

Shooters will spend thousands on their guns and then neglect one of the most critical components in accurate shooting – THE PELLET. If you’re serious about competitive shooting, you should be inspecting and sorting your pellets. The Speedy Pellet Inspector is a great tool to help you do this.

Pellet inspection is a critical as weighing to achieve the best results for both target shooting and hunting.  Defective pellets will not fly true and account for what many shooters call flyers, squibs or just plain bad shooting.

But not all pellets are manufactured perfectly. And even if they are, some will almost inevitably become damaged in the multiple transportation and warehousing steps than exist between the manufacturer and the user.

The Speedy Pellet Inspector is available in three calibers .177, 20, 22 and .25.

Joe Peacock, the designer of the Speedy Pellet Inspector, saw a need for a way to inspect the skirts and heads of pellets that was quicker than looking at pellets one at a time. The design of the Inspector allows you to look at multiple pellets at one time from several different directions. The Pellet Inspector allows you to inspect both the head and skirts quickly and easily.

The Speedy Pellet Inspector is made from optically clear acrylic on a precision laser cutter. It is proudly made and assembled in the US and is available from Straight Shooters.

Take a look at the instructions for using the Inspector in the YouTube video below.