Turkish PCPs At The SHOT Show, Reximex, Kral And Effecto

There were a TON of Turkish PCP air rifles at the 2023 SHOT Show. US customers are familiar with Hatsan, so I’ve concentrated on some less well-known names in this report – Reximex, Kral and Effecto.

All three are significant Turkish manufacturers with a long history of manufacturing shotguns and airguns. They have world-wide distribution, but have not really broken-through in the US – yet!

Interestingly, all three manufacturers are based in the city of Konya in central-southern Turkey.

There’s a family relationship between the owners of Kral and Reximex. Both have an extensive range of PCP air rifles – particularly Kral. Effecto is the airgun brand of the Huglu company, which has manufactured shotguns for over a century.

In our heading photograph above, Hasan Yucel Ozcelik of Reximex kindly shows us the company’s Throne PCP. In fact, this is the Throne Gen 2. (HAM readers first heard of the Throne in our 2019 report from the IWA OutdoorClassics show in Germany).

Turkish PCPs At The SHOT Show, Reximex, Kral And Effecto

The Throne Gen 2 is available in .177, .22 and .25 calibers. There’s a variety of HPA tanks, color finishes and barrel lengths too. For example, the Throne held by Hasan is the Compact model. This has a small carbon fiber bottle and short barrel, combined with FDE coloring.

Reximex also has a bullpup gun, the Zone. Again, this is available in a number of versions, as we can see below.

Turkish PCPs At The SHOT Show, Reximex, Kral And Effecto

Then there’s the Meta range, again in multiple configurations.

Turkish PCPs At The SHOT Show, Reximex, Kral And Effecto

Turkish PCPs At The SHOT Show, Reximex, Kral And Effecto

And if you think that’s a large range, check out Kral!!!

In the photograph below we see – from top to bottom – the BigMax, BigHorn, Shadow and Reborn models.

Again, most of these models are available in multiple calibers, finishes and configurations. Kral models include .30 and .35 caliber versions in some cases – like the BigMax and Bighorn.

Then below we see the new Empire bullpup (long and compact versions) and NP-02 (bottom) models. And that’s just a small selection from Kral’s range…

The Effecto range is relatively constrained, by comparison. The newest is the Zeon bullpup.

There’s also the full-length PX-5 Pro and Sport models. All are available in the expected range of calibers up to .25 cal. While the Zeon has a left-side lever action, the PX-5 (below) sticks with the traditional bolt action.

Typically, Turkish airgun manufacturers are strongly represented at the IWA Show in Germany. We’ll bring you more details in March when HAM will be reporting from that show, too.

Until then, take a good look around the manufacturers’ websites. There’s a lot of interesting airguns to see and they all have English language text!

Reximex is at https://www.reximex.com/pcp-airgun

For Kral, go to https://kralarms.com/en/havali-tufekler

Effecto is here http://www.effectoairguns.com/en