Umarex Replica Airguns: 1996 – 2014.
The Definitive Guide.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Umarex replica air guns is in this book!

Umarex Replica Airguns: 1996 – 2014 is intended as a reference source for anyone interested in collecting and shooting Umarex replica air guns.  It covers all Umarex .177″ and 4.5mm replica pistols and submachine guns produced between 1996 (when Umarex produced their first air pistol) and the end of 2014 including the Legends Range.  It excludes air rifles with a barrel length of over 10-inches, target air pistols which are not replicas of firearms, and 6mm replicas.

For each model the book includes some background on the firearm on which the replica is based (where applicable), a functional description and specification for the replica, details on power, accuracy and CO2 consumption and general information on shooting and usage. We show a couple of page grabs in this post to give an impression of the contents.

Umarex Replica Airguns: 1996 - 2014

Umarex Replica Airguns: 1996 – 2014 also looks at the development of notable replicas and any special features (for example, have you ever wondered why the Umarex S&W 686 has a black pellet carrier when the rest of the replica is finished in nickel?).  It also covers variations in production, special editions and variants and provides some background on Umarex (including a look at how Umarex replicas are made).  Finally, it provides guidance on the maintenance, safe usage and storage of all Umarex replicas and provides shooting tips.

The book was written by Steve MacGregor with the assistance of Umarex which provided information and photographs and allowed him to spend time at their plant in Arnsberg, Germany talking to some of the people who design, make and test Umarex replicas.

The result is a comprehensive reference work which covers more than fifty air guns in over 250 pages with more than 100 high-quality photographs and 70,000 words of text.

Umarex Replica Airguns: 1996 – 2014 is available both as an e-book from Selz Umarex Replica Airguns: 1996 – 2014 and as a hardcopy from Amazon Umarex Replica Airguns: 1996 – 2014.

Umarex Replica Airguns: 1996 - 2014

Umarex Replica Airguns: 1996 – 2014 is an excellent read. I purchased a copy myself!

The Author:
Steve MacGregor is a Scot from the Highlands who has spent most of his working life as a technical writer in the oil, gas and marine industries.  He currently works as a freelance writer and editor and runs the Pistol Place (, a web site which focuses on replica guns.