Western Big Bores 45 Bushbuck Air Rifle

Western Big Bores 45 Bushbuck Air Rifle

Big Caliber, Big Power, and Big Game is what the new Western Big Bores 45 Bushbuck is all about!

This American-made big bore air rifle delivers well over 600+ ft/lbs of energy, making it one of the most powerful big caliber air rifles in the world.

Taking larger game with big bore, air powered guns is becoming legal and more popular in many states. The Western Big Bores 45 Bushbuck is said to handle any North American and most non-dangerous African game, having been been extensively tested for over two years of hunting in both Africa and North America.

Long distance target shooting at 100-300 yards is also driving interest in these larger caliber air rifles as airgun shooters compete in these events at the highest levels. Western Big Bores claims that the 45 Bushbuck has been accuracy tested to 250 yards and that the extra long 400 plus grain bullets give especially tight groups!

Western Big Bores is a new maker that builds these unique shooting machines. “Quality First” is the principle that drives the design and manufacturing team, says Western Big Bores. They add that precision machining, assembly and performance is expected and engineered into every rifle they build to assure the customer the highest level of satisfaction. The 45 caliber Bushbuck is their first model and is 100% USA made.

Western Big Bores says that the 45 Bushbuck is hand crafted and delivers custom build quality and precision that will attract the most demanding of shooters.

Western Big Bores 45 Bushbuck Air Rifle
The Western Big Bores 45 Bushbuck is available in an attractive laminate or nicely figured XX-Claro walnut stock with cheek adjustments as standard.

There are two power settings for versatility. The 285cc air tube provides two full power 600+ ft/lb shots on the high (4,500 psi) setting and four 400 ft/lb shots on low (3,000 psi).

There’s also a lifetime warranty from Western Big Bores for the Bushbuck 45.

The Western Big Bores 45 Bushbuck features a solid one piece receiver and picatinny scope rail. This is milled from aircraft grade aluminum with a low scope mounting position for proper scope to eye alignment and proper cheek weld on the stock.

The Bushbuck’s air cylinder is an all steel unit that provides rigidity and an anchor for the .452 caliber high quality, accurate barrel with a special twist rate to stabilize short and long bullets in flight.

Cocking and loading the rifle is done simultaneously with ample space for the extra long bullets. The trigger breaks at around 3 lbs.

Both stocks come with laser engraved stippling on the pistol grip and forend. This adds to the visual appeal of the Western Big Bores 45 Bushbuck. Also included are dual sling studs in the fore end for bipod and carry sling.

You can find out more about this exciting new big bore air rifle at http://www.westernbigbores.com