Pyramyd Air Cup 2019 – The Movie

Now that the season’s big airgun competitions are over, grab a coffee, sit back and watch Pyramyd Air Cup 2019 – The Movie.

And when Steve Scialli says this is “The Movie”, he’s not kidding. It’s just 14 seconds short of one and a half hours long! This is a full, feature-length production.

Steve covers all the action, both 100 Yard Benchrest and Field Target in the Ohio countryside, back in August. There’s also lots of interviews with airgun personalities and background to this excellent event. (That’s Steve talking to Hector Medina, above).

Our HAM reports covered this event as a series of news stories, on a day-by-day basis. With the passage of a couple of months, it’s great to take another look at the 2019 Pyramyd Air Cup, from a slightly different perspective and using a different medium.

Enjoy Pyramyd Air Cup 2019 – The Movie 🙂

Of course, Steve was also at the 2019 Extreme Benchrest competition. He’ll have a”Movie” version of that available soon, too…