Pyramyd Air Introduces New Interactive Airgun Finder

Pyramyd Air has introduced its new Interactive Airgun Finder. This is an easy-to-use tool that helps newcomers – and also not-so-newcomers – choose a new air rifle or air pistol.

As Pyramyd Air’s marketing Director Kristen Coss explained: “There are thousands of options when it comes to buying the right airgun. So our Interactive Airgun Finder helps take the guesswork out for those looking for their next new love, or those new to airguns.”

This new tool works by taking a potential purchaser through a logical, yet simple, series of questions. Answering one question takes you to the next level and finally to a selection of Pyramyd Air’s highly-rated airguns.

It works like this…

Start at the Home Page for the Interactive Airgun Finder. Now choose the type of shooting you want to do with your new airgun. For this example, let’s choose “Target Shooting or Plinking”. Click the appropriate photograph to make that selection.

Pyramyd Air Introduces New Interactive Airgun Finder

Immediately we’re presented with another choice that helps to refine the type of shooting we want to do. Let’s choose “Shoot cans for fun / Informal target Shooting”.

Pyramyd Air Introduces New Interactive Airgun Finder

On clicking that photo, we are given a choice of pistol or rifle. Let’s choose air rifle by clicking the icon…

Now we’re moving closer! It’s time to select a preferred power source for the air rifle we’ll be using for our informal target shooting. If you need some guidance on this, check out the simple Hard Air Magazine guides to airgun types. For this example, we’ll select PCP.

The end result is a selection of – in this case – PCP air rifles that are suitable for informal target shooting and plinking. Just what we asked for!

Click for more details of each product and – if you wish – to buy…

There’s no doubt that this is an interesting and useful tool for any airgun buyer. Surf around! You may find some suggestions for a new airgun that you had not considered before. Enjoy 🙂