Pyramyd Air Launches Air Venturi Avenger Custom Service

More and more people want to own a “one of a kind”, customized air rifle that’s been built to their own requirements. If that includes you, you’ll want to investigate the Air Venturi Avenger Custom Service that’s now available from Pyramyd Air.

We all know that the HAM Gold Award-winning Air Venturi Avenger is a gun that’s designed for customization through easy and effective tuning. HAM contains a whole series of suggestions in this series of articles from 2020.

For those who would prefer to have such a tune done professionally for them, Pyramyd Air has offered a service to do so.

However now, Pyramyd Air has moved its’ customization services to a whole new level with the introduction of this new Air Venturi Avenger Custom Service.

Let’s take a look at what this service offers…

Pyramyd Air has put together a web page that allows you to have most any part of the Avenger colored to your choice with an immensely-strong Cerakote finish. Just look at the variety of colors and number of parts that can be finished to your desire…

But wait, there’s even more!

Also, you can have your new “built for you” Air Venturi Avenger tuned at the same time. Here’s the choices I made…

Air Venturi Avenger Custom Service

And here’s what the resulting gun looks like. You can see exactly what your custom Avenger will look like as you build it. Want another look? Simply start over and try again!

This is the appearance of the gun I selected above. Note that I added the HP Tune, too.

Air Venturi Avenger Custom Service

Of course – like any custom service – Pyramyd Air’s Air Venturi Avenger Custom Service costs money. But the Pyramyd web page shows you the costs as you progress. It even offers you discounts the more you customize the gun.

Not only that, but  the service includes Pyramyd’s “Custom Build Test Drive” at no additional charge. This covers a full test of your new air rifle’s functionality, including a 25-Yard accuracy test and a signed certificate for your records. In addition, the full Air Venturi warranty is still valid for your new custom air rifle.

This sounds like the ideal Christmas or birthday gift for the airgunner who already has (almost) everything!

Air Venturi Avenger, Regulated PCP Air Rifle 0.177