Pyramyd Air Launches Get Out And Shoot With The Kids Initiative

Pyramyd Air has launched a new initiative called Get Out And Shoot With The Kids. They also link this to a specially-selected range of suitable products that can – of course – be purchased from their website.

As Pyramyd Air says, many of us first learned to shoot on the tried and true airguns we were given as children. The feel of the gun, the jump of the recoil, and the satisfaction of plinking cans had many of us hooked with our first trigger pull.

Using airguns to learn to shoot makes as much sense then as it does now; they’re safer than firearms, yet they handle, resemble, and shoot in a similar way. This makes them the perfect fit as teaching tools for beginners.

Pyramyd Air Launches Get Out And Shoot With The Kids Initiative

If a child shows interest in shooting, use airguns to teach them respect for the power of any gun, and a lifelong love of shooting. Teaching them to shoot safely and responsibly is a great gift!

Of course, Get Out And Shoot With The Kids emphasizes eye protection – a set of safety glasses can easily prevent injuries that last a lifetime.

Additionally, they remind us not to overlook the risk of lead contamination from handling pellets.

Make sure your child knows to wash their hands thoroughly after handling BBs or pellets, and make sure not to touch their face or eat or drink anything while handling ammo.

And then there’s safe gun handling. Pay special attention to showing them the proper way to carry an airgun, and to never touch a trigger until ready to shoot!

Pyramyd Air suggests that, generally around age 10 is a great time to start introducing children to airguns, but that’s not always the case! Ultimately, they say, a child’s maturity is more important than age. It’s the parent’s role to decide if they are ready. Airguns, after all, are not toys, and serious injury or death can result from improper use.

Pyramyd Air Launches Get Out And Shoot With The Kids Initiative

But by training a child to shoot safely, airguns don’t have to be scary! They’re some of the best teaching tools for firearm responsibility and learning the techniques needed for placing accurate shots.

Before shooting with a child, explain the parts and functions of the airgun. Educate them on loading, using the sights, the safety function, and how to hold the airgun, before they pull a trigger.

With good safety behaviors established, it’s time to Get Out And Shoot With The Kids!

Generally, a rifle will be the easiest gun to learn with, says Pyramyd Air. It’s easy to hold, sight, and fire accurately. The first targets a child shoots should be easy to hit so they aren’t discouraged from repeated misses. Reactive targets or splatter targets that burst florescent paint when shot can make shooting a whole lot more fun!

As the child’s shooting improves they can learn more advanced techniques, such as controlling their breath and different shooting stances like standing, prone, and kneeling.

By teaching a child to shoot and maintain airguns, they learn the proper methods of handling guns and can make these airguns last a lifetime. Shooting airguns is a rewarding and exciting pastime that’s been enjoyed by millions worldwide, and if you’ve done your part, the child will handle any airgun with the enjoyment and respect they deserve.

So go ahead, just Get Out And Shoot With The Kids!