Pyramyd Air Now Selling Accu-Tac Bipods

Pyramyd Air is adding a number of Accu-Tac bipods to the vast range of airgun products they offer. In fact, they’re offering no less than EIGHT different Accu-Tac models, together with a choice of heads in some cases.

Many airgunners will be familiar with seeing Accu-Tac bipods at long-range benchrest competitions, or in photographs or videos of these events. They have a distinctive appearance that’s particularly apparent in the leg design.


CNC-manufactured from solid billet Aluminum with steel hardware, Accu-Tac bipods are designed and manufactured in the USA. Yes, they’re not cheap. And yes, they’re not light. But they do have a reputation of providing top-quality support for air rifles – indeed, any type of long gun.

Accu-Tac produces a bewildering range of bipods, of which Pyramyd Air has selected those most suitable for airgun use. For example, the FC-4 and FC-5 models are designed for use in F-Class (bipod plus sandbag) benchrest shooting.

The WB-4 designation means that the bipod has a wide body, providing extra stability. (That’s it in our photograph immediately above). The HD-50 bipod – as the name implies – is the heavy duty model that’s qualified for use with 50 caliber BMG.

Naturally, all the Accu-Tec bipod models use the Picatinny rail standard for mounting to the gun. Many have a quick-detach mounting capability with a solid lever lock.


However, two – the BR-4 G2 and FC-4 G2 – are also available with “Arca-compatible” mounting capability.

The “Arca-Swiss” mounting plate system is a standard widely used in the professional motion picture and still photography markets. There it is renowned for offering solid locking, combined with quick disconnect capability. It’s illustrated in the photograph below.


In addition, Pyramyd will be stocking the accessory spikes and claws that can be fitted for use in soft soil or sandy conditions.

Accu-Tac PC-5 Bipod

Accu-Tac WB-4 Bipod