Pyramyd Air’s Top Selling Air Pistols 2020 – Big Changes!

Pyramyd Air has just announced its top selling air pistols 2020. Immediately, one thing is clear…

In 2020, the seemingly unstoppable trend towards fast-firing, firearms-replica BB guns received a jolt. There’s been a strong up-tick in the rankings of more traditional, accuracy-orientated “slowfire” pistols shooting pellets.

So it looks as if a lot of people have chosen to spend lockdown time shooting targets in their basement or garage.

And the biggest winner from this trend has been Velocity Outdoor. No less than half the positions in Pyramyd Air’s top selling air pistols 2020 were taken by the company. That’s one Benjamin and four Crosman models.

For example, Pyramyd’s top-selling air pistol of 2020 was the venerable Crosman 2240. True, this single-shot, pellet-firing pistol has long been a feature of the annual Pyramyd “top ten” lists.

Back in 2015 it held second place, but dropped to number four in 2016 before bouncing-along between eighth and tenth place until 2019. Now it’s back in top position!

It’s not all doom and gloom, however, for BB-firing replicas. Second place is held by the ever-popular Beretta 92A1 selective fire (full- and semi-auto BB pistol. You can see the full list of results and how things have changed over the years further down this post…

Eight out of Pyramyd Air’s top selling air pistols 2020 were CO2-powered. One – the Beeman P17 – is a single stroke pneumatic. One – the Benjamin Marauder – is a PCP, of course.

1. Crosman 2240

This long-running favorite uses a bolt-operated, single shot action. There’s a ton of aftermarket accessories for it so this is really the “system airgun” of the CO2 pistol world. There’s a “basic” model and an upgraded “XL” model, too That’s the one in this photograph.

Pyramyd Air's Top Selling Air Pistols 2020

Crosman 2240XL CO2 Air Pistol, .22 cal, Steel Breech 0.22

2. Beretta 92A1

Distributed by Umarex USA, this is another long-running favorite. It’s been in the Pyramyd Air top ten list since 2016. It’s the highest-placed full-auto pistol in the 2020 rankings.

Beretta 92A1 CO2 Full Auto BB Pistol 0.177

3. Crosman Vigilante

The Vigilante gives you choices! You can fire pellets or BBs. There’s also a choice of single- and double-action operation. The break-open action is paired with a modern appearance, molded grips and Picatinny rails.

Pyramyd Air's Top Selling Air Pistols 2020

Crosman Vigilante CO2 Revolver 0.177

4. Beeman P17

This ever-popular veteran pneumatic air pistol has the same position as in 2019. It’s a single shot, over-cocking pellet pistol that’s not a specific firearms replica.

Beeman Sweet 17 Bundle (Beeman P17 Air Pistol) 0.177

5. Benjamin Marauder Pistol

This PCP uses a bolt action combined with 8-shot magazine. It’s by far the most expensive air pistol in this list and can be set-up as a carbine with optional shoulder stock.


Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Pistol 0.22

Finally, here’s the full list of Pyramyd Air’s top selling air pistols 2020, together with the results from previous years. It’s a very interesting read!

1Crosman 2240Glock 17 Gen 3Glock 19 Gen 3John Wayne PeacemakersJohn Wayne PeacemakersColt Peacemaker
2Beretta 92A1Glock 19 Gen 3Crosman C11John Wayne 1911Beeman P17Crosman 2240
3Crosman VigilanteSIG SAUER M17 P320Beretta 92A1Beretta 92A1Tangfolio Witness 1911John Wayne Peacemakers
4Beeman P17Beeman P17Colt Python SeriesCrosman C11Crosman 2240Tangfolio Witness 1911
5Benjamin Marauder PistolBeretta 92A1SIG SAUER P226SIG SAUER P320Crosman C11Umarex Legends M712
6Glock 17 Gen 4SIG SAUER P365John Wayne PeacemakersUmarex Uzi CarbineBeretta 92A1Crosman 1322
7Crosman C11Glock 17 Gen 4Beeman P17Remington 1875ISSC M.22Legends P08 Blowback
8Crosman 1322Crosman 2240Umarex XBGBeeman P17Beretta PX4Beretta PX4
9Legends P08 BlowbackCrosman VigilanteCrosman 2240Umarex Steel StormUmarex Legends M712Beeman P17
10Springfield Armory 1911Dan Wesson 6-In RevolverCrosman SNR357Crosman 2240SIG SAUER P226Crosman Vigilante

Thanks to Pyramyd Air for making this information available to us “airgun gear heads”. We look forward to seeing the results for 2020 air rifle sales in the near future…