Pyramyd Air’s Top Selling Air Pistols of 2018

Pyramyd Air’s top selling air pistols of 2018 have been announced today. Compared to Pyramyd’s 2018 Top Ten air rifles list, there’s a lot more changes between the two years.

Whereas nine out of ten air rifles in that list were the same in 2018 as in 2017, only half of the 2018 top-selling air pistols appeared in the 2017 list.

1. Glock 19 Gen 3

Peacemaker revolvers have headed Pyramyd’s top-selling air pistols list since 2015. But they drop back to sixth place in 2018. They’re replaced by the Glock 19 which was only introduced mid-year! That gives you a strong indication of how successful this first Glock air pistol has been.

The first Glock airgun is a non-blowback, BB-firing model with outstanding realism, shot count and accuracy. It’s a HAM Gold Award winner!

Pyramyd Air's Top Selling Air Pistols of 2018

2. Crosman C11

The Crosman C11 was up from Number Three position in 2017 and fourth place in 2016. So this simple, non-blowback BB pistol continues to be a strong seller for Velocity Outdoor – the new name for Crosman Corporation.

HAM tested a very similar version of this gun in Bear River branding. We were blown away by the combination of huge shot count, great muzzle velocity and excellent accuracy at a very low price. The same benefits will also be found in the Crosman C11 CO2 BB Gun.

Pyramyd Air's Top Selling Air Pistols of 2018

3. Beretta 92A1

This blowback BB pistol has full auto capability as well as semi-auto. It’s another long-term favorite with buyers. At third place in Pyramyd Air’s top selling air pistols of 2018 list, it was Number Three also in 2017 and was at sixth place in 2016.

Pyramyd Air's Top Selling Air Pistols of 2018

4. Colt Python Series

Colt Python air pistols have been around for many years. But they’re still very popular, as is testified by their appearance at Number Four in this list. In fact, Pyramyd Air has gathered together a number of individual SKUs here. There’s long and short barrel models, all black and wood/chrome versions too.

Pyramyd Air's Top Selling Air Pistols of 2018


In 2017, SIG SAUER held fifth place with the P320 air pistol. For 2018 they’ve repeated the achievement with the P226. This is the highest-ranking dedicated pellet-firing gun in Pyramyd Air’s top selling air pistols of 2018 list.

Pyramyd Air's Top Selling Air Pistols of 2018

Manufacturers Rankings

As always, both Umarex USA and Velocity Outdoor score well in sales of air pistols. Both tie with three guns in this list. Umarex is the distributor of the Glock, Beretta and XBG models, while Velocity Outdoor has the Crosman C11, 2240 and SNR357 models.

The Crosman 2240, in particular, has been a strong seller over many years. It actually ranked as high as second place in 2015 but remains popular in the top selling air pistols of 2018 list, despite being the only single shot, bolt action pellet-firing pistol in these rankings.

Here’s the full story…

1Glock 19 Gen 3John Wayne PeacemakersJohn Wayne PeacemakersColt Peacemaker
2Crosman C11John Wayne 1911Beeman P17Crosman 2240
3Beretta 92A1Beretta 92A1Tangfolio Witness 1911John Wayne Peacemakers
4Colt Python SeriesCrosman C11Crosman 2240Tangfolio Witness 1911
5SIG SAUER P226SIG SAUER P320Crosman C11Umarex Legends M712
6John Wayne PeacemakersUmarex Uzi CarbineBeretta 92A1Crosman 1322
7Beeman P17Remington 1875ISSC M.22Legends P08 Blowback
8Umarex XBGBeeman P17Beretta PX4Beretta PX4
9Crosman 2240Umarex Steel StormUmarex Legends M712Beeman P17
10Crosman SNR357Crosman 2240SIG SAUER P226Crosman Vigilante