Pyramyd Air’s Top Selling Air Rifles 2019

Pyramyd Air has announced its top selling air rifles 2019. This is an interesting list in itself, but it also allows us to see how the airgun market is changing over the years.

This is the first in Pyramyd Air’s “top selling” 2019 announcements. Coming from the world’s largest dedicated airgun dealer, the list of Pyramyd’s top selling air rifles of 2019 is a very significant indicator of what we’re all buying!

Here we have air rifles under $500.00. More expensive air rifles will be included in the top selling high end air rifles. We can expect to see that list in the next few days…

1. Crosman DPMS SBR

The big news is that pole position in Pyramyd Air’s top selling air rifles 2019 list is the Crosman DPMS SBR. This held first place in 2019, too. Hard Air Magazine is not surprised by this. We tested the very similar Bushmaster MPW (also from Crosman) and it earned a HAM Gold Award.

Pyramyd Air's Top Selling Air Rifles 2019

2. Umarex Legends MP40

Another HAM Gold Award winner, the MP40 is up two places from 2018.

Pyramyd Air's Top Selling Air Rifles 2019

3. Umarex Gauntlet

Pyramyd Air’s top-selling PCP for 2019 was also a HAM Gold Award winner! It’s up three places from 2018 and has now clearly replaced the Benjamin Marauder as the top-selling PCP air rifle.

Pyramyd Air's Top Selling Air Rifles 2019

4. Umarex Legends Cowboy Rifle

Straight in at number four of Pyramyd Air’s top selling air rifles 2019 is yet another HAM Gold Award winner!

Pyramyd Air's Top Selling Air Rifles 2019

5. Daisy Adult Red Ryder

The big Red Ryder makes fifth place in this list.

The Full Story

Here’s the full list of results, together with previous years’ rankings.

1Crosman DPMS SBRCrosman DPMS SBRJohn Wayne Lil DukeDaisy Red RyderDaisy Red Ryder
2Umarex Legends MP40Gamo Whisper Silent CatBlack Ops Junior SniperBlack Ops Junior SniperBenjamin Marauder
3Umarex GauntletDaisy 1938 Red RyderUmarex Legends MP40Gamo Whisper Silent CatUzi BB Submachine Gun
4Umarex Legends CowboyUmarex Legends MP40Gamo Whisper Silent CatBenjamin MarauderRemington Tyrant
5Daisy Adult Red RyderGamo Swarm MaxximBenjamin MarauderBenjamin Trail NP2Crosman 1077
6Springfield Armory M1 CarbineUmarex GauntletUmarex Steel ForceCrosman 1077Stoeger X20S
7Seneca AspenJohn Wayne Lil DukeGamo Swarm MaxximUzi BB Submachine GunUmarex Octane
8Gamo Swarm MaxximBenjamin MarauderDaisy Red RyderWinchester M14Gamo Viper Express
9Daisy Model 25Umarex Steel ForceUmarex GauntletH&K MP5-PDWDiana 34
10Umarex Steel StormDiana StormriderDiana StormriderUmarex Steel StormAir Force Condor SS

Market Changes

So what does Pyramyd Air’s Top selling air rifles 2019 list tell us about the state of the US airgun market? Well – if we compare it to the top-selling lists of previous years, it tells us a great deal …

Let’s analyze types of airguns from the 2015, 2017 and 2019 lists. As we can see, in 2015, spring/piston air rifles were the most popular, with six out of the top ten places. That’s completely changed, now there’s only two springers in the top ten.

The big winner has been CO2-powered airguns. Now half the top ten rifles are CO2-powered. In 2015, it was just two.

Pyramyd Air's Top Selling Air Rifles 2019

It’s clear that “Zillion FPS breakbarrel” demand is now largely a thing of the past among Pyramyd Air’s shoppers. In fact, high FPS was clearly a lot less important in 2019 than full-auto capability. The top two in Pyramyd Air’s top selling air rifles 2019 list are both selective-fire models.

Another very clear trend is the popularity of firearms reproduction air rifles. In 2015, only one reproduction made the list – the Uzi. In 2019 no less than four are reproductions. That’s the DPMS, MP40, Cowboy and M1 carbine. Of course, reproductions have dominated air pistol sales for some years – now that trend is being seen clearly among air rifles, too.

An associated major trend is the change in ammo. In 2015, eight out of ten in Pyramyd’s list fired pellets. Now that’s nearly reversed: six out of the top ten are BB-firing airguns.

Pyramyd Air's Top Selling Air Rifles 2019

Manufacturers Rankings

Another major change since 2015 has been the emergence of Umarex USA as the dominant manufacturer in this list. Umarex air rifles hold four positions in 2019, up from three in 2017 and two in 2015. That’s consistent, steady progress. Congratulations Umarex!

Daisy/Gamo held second place with three positions in 2019. Air Venturi has two and Crosman one.

This is a strong contrast to 2015 when the top ten places were shared among no less than seven manufacturers! Then Crosman/Benjamin, Umarex and Gamo/Daisy each had two positions in the top ten. They were joined by Diana, Stoeger, Remington and Air Force.

Yes, there’s been a lot of changes among the air rifles Pyramyd Air’s customers are buying! Thanks to the company for sharing this information with us 🙂