QYS Airgun Pellets Are Back!

Predator International, the specialist US airgun ammo distributor, has revealed that QYS airgun pellets are back in stock in their warehouse and should be available again at retail very soon.

This is great news for 10 Meter competition target shooters and others who need high quality .177 caliber wadcutter pellets.

QYS – or Zhuhai Qiang Yuan Sports Goods Co. Ltd., to use the full company name – is based in the south of China, right next to Macau and a short boat ride from Hong Kong. They have been manufacturing pellets since 1994 and have wins to their credit in Olympic and other international airgun competitions.

All the QYS pellets inspected by HAM have been very clean and well manufactured. This applies not only to the wadcutters, but also the newer Domed, Streamlined and Pointed pellets produced by the company.

QYS Airgun Pellets Are Back!

The most familiar QYS airgun pellets are wadcutters. The company manufactures these in multiple grades – Olympic, Match and Training. Most weigh 8.18 Grains.

QYS pellets have a reputation for quality and precision, particularly the 8.18 Grain “Olympic Grade” version that’s packed in red boxes. These pellets are individually packed in foam sheets, 100 pellets per sheet. There’s two sheets per box.

The “Olympics” impressed the HAM Team when we tested them back in 2017. However, then the price was a little steep, although they have proven to be very accurate in some of our air pistol tests. They are back in stock.

In addition, the 8.18 Grain QYS “Match” pellets are also available again. These are one grade down from the “Olympic” pellets and are also individually-packed in green plastic trays.

Predator International also tells HAM that some 8.48 Grain QYS airgun pellets have also arrived. These include “Training” grade wadcutters, together with some domes. Both these pellets are sold in tins of 500.

Check out your regular dealer for up-to-date availability. For example, Pyramyd Air…

Qiang Yuan Airgun Pellets, .177, 8.48 grains, Domed, 500ct 0.177