Registration Is Now Open For Extreme Benchrest 2018

Airguns of Arizona has announced that registration is now open for the seventh annual Extreme Benchrest competition. It’s Extreme Benchrest 2018!

This year the competition runs from 11 – 14 October. The venue is the same one that has proved so popular in recent years – the Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club just outside Phoenix AZ.

In addition to the main event – EBR, the Extreme Benchrest 2018 competition includes a 50 Yard benchrest competition, Big Bore benchrest, speed silhouette, American Field Target and indoor pistol competitions.

Registration Is Now Open For Extreme Benchrest 2018

Extreme Benchrest 2018 competitors will be squadded in either “Sportsman” or “Pro” Classes.

Pro Class – Any person associated with any company, promoter or manufacturer of airguns or airgun accessories. Also, any competitor who has placed higher than 3rd in any previous EBR competition. Also, any person who wishes to declare themselves as a Pro Class Shooter may do so.

Sportsman Class – All other competitors who are not classified in the Pro Class for this event.

As in previous years, there’s some serious prize money for the winning. For example, the winner of the EBR “Pro” category will win a cool $5,000.00. Not bad for shooting an air rifle!

For full details, check out the Extreme Benchrest website. There’s full details of the competitions and you can sign-up while there’s still space available.

If you’ve not participated in EBR before, you can check out the HAM coverage for previous years. For example, there’s coverage of the 2017 event here, here, and here. Oh, and here too!

Registration Is Now Open For Extreme Benchrest 2018

A new addition for 2018 is the “One Gun Challenge”. The big requirement is that the same gun/scope/caliber must be used in all of the above events. That’s a real challenge!

The “One Gun Challenge” will be won by the highest combined score between these events at Extreme Benchrest 2018:

– EBR Score from Day 1 and Day 2 combined
– 50 Yard Benchrest (Best Card of 3)
– Speed Silhouette (Pro/Sportsman Class Only)
– American Field Target

As a further taster, here’s the rules for the main Extreme Benchrest 2018 competition:

– Any pellet gun up to .35 caliber may be used.
– No solid slugs or cast bullets allowed (mass production diabolo pellets only).
– No power restrictions.
– No weight restrictions.
– Target distance will be at 75 yards and 100 yards.
– One piece rest are allowed.
– Tethered tanks are not allowed.

The EBR match format is as follows:
– 25 targets per shooter.
– 1 shot per target.
– 4 sighter targets.
– 30 minute time limit.
– 40 shooters per relay.
– All scorecards will be plugged equally.
– Sight in time will be a part of 30 minute relay.

Each Shooter will shoot 2 cards for a total of 50 shots (Card 1 on Friday and Card 2 on Saturday for a combined total score

There will be 40 Shooters per relay (4 Relays Total), competitors will compete against the same 40 shooters on Card 1 on Friday and Card 2 on Saturday (This allows all shooters to have the same shooting conditions against the same 40 shooters in each of the 4 relays)

The top 10 combined scores from the two cards per relay will make the finals on Sunday to shoot one final card for the championship (40 Shooters)

The “Finals” Extreme Benchrest score is the only score that will count for placing (All 40 shooters will be in the same relay and same shooting conditions)

There will be a Finals Relay both for Pro Class and Sportsman Class.

Registration Is Now Open For Extreme Benchrest 2018

Another innovation for Extreme Benchrest 2018 is the Gilbert Grand Bonus. This can be won by any shooter using a .22 caliber pellet gun or smaller in the EBR. To qualify, the shooter must make the finals and shooter will be awarded on the highest score no matter where they finish in the finals – that’s because it’s so tough to shoot EBR with such a small caliber. Note that the Pro and Sportsman Classes with be combined for this bonus.

I look forward to seeing you there at Extreme Benchrest 2018!