The Regulated Marauder Will Soon Be Back – This Time In The Crosman Custom Shop

Back at the beginning of 2017, Crosman launched a regulated Marauder – the Benjamin Marauder Field and Target model – at the SHOT Show.

Since that time, Crosman reviewed this original concept. They decided to move forward with a new regulated Marauder, but in a different configuration from the Field and Target model. Unlike the Field and Target model, the new regulated Marauder will not feature a switchable regulator that limited performance when operating.

Ongoing product development at Crosman means that full power is now available at all times in the new regulated Marauder. So the switchable regulator concept is no longer required.

Now, the regulated Marauder will be available directly through the Crosman Custom Shop. Development is well advanced and it’s planned to have this model available in the fourth quarter of 2017.

Crosman chose the annual CAAFTC Field Target competition as the forum to launch the new regulated Marauder. It’s a somewhat low key way to do this, but it makes a lot of sense. The company has used the CAAFTC to showcase new products before. It’s an ideal opportunity for Crosman to show new product concepts to an interested, expert audience.

Phillip Guadalupe, Crosman Product Manager for Airguns and Consumables, showed me the new regulated Marauder and explained what the company has done to develop it. That’s Phillip in the photograph above, holding a prototype of the new gun.

Highlight specifications for the new regulated Marauder are 85+ consistent, regulated shots at 950 FPS in .177 caliber. The .22 caliber version will give 80+ consistent, regulated shots at 850 FPS.

Compared to previous Marauders, there’s a longer air tube enclosing a Crosman-designed and developed regulator. This restricts the 3,000 PSI fill pressure to 2,000 PSI for use in the valve.

Philip explained to me that the new regulated Marauder will be built with the valve fully open and will use the large diameter transfer port from the .25 caliber model. Crosman will adjust the hammer and striker springs to maximize shot count at high muzzle velocity in the Custom Shop. This way, the customer will receive a gun that maximizes the capabilities of the new regulator.

The regulated Marauder Custom Shop treatment will give customers the option to specify multiple other features for “their” airgun. Final details are yet to be decided, however the following options are at least in the planning stage…

There will be a choice of breech with Picatinny rails or airgun rails for scope mounting.

Phillip tells me that the new regulated Marauder will have a wood stock – at least at first. There are plans for Camo Dip stocks, with patterns yet to be decided.

And another outstanding option from the Custom Shop will be the possibility of specifying your regulated Marauder with a Lothar Walther barrel. However, leads times from the barrel manufacturer mean that this option may not appear until early in 2018.

Crosman is committed to this new product. They were taking orders at the CAAFTC for regulated, Custom Shop Marauders and there were plenty of enthusiastic takers.

Hard Air Magazine will be bringing you a comprehensive test review of this new regulated Marauder as soon as we can get one in our hot, sweaty hands. Watch this space!