Replacement SIG ASP20 Breech Seals Now Available

Newly available from Archer Airguns are replacement SIG ASP20 breech seals. They’re sold as a pack of four and are in stock now.

The ASP20 is a great air rifle. It earned a HAM Gold award when we tested it in December 2018. However, spare parts have been very difficult to obtain. Now that situation will be relieved with the availability of these breech seal kits.

Replacement SIG ASP20 Breech Seals Now Available

Breech seals are the part most often replaced on break barrel air rifles. So this parts kit will be welcomed by the many enthusiasts who love shooting the ASP20.

Archer Airguns is clear that these breech seals are not original SIG factory parts. However they are direct replacements manufactured to exactly the same specifications as those in the original air rifle. The same part is suitable for both .177 and .22 caliber models.

Replacement SIG ASP20 Breech Seals Now Available

The original breech seal is removed using an O ring pick (or similar thin, pointed tool). Then a replacement is simply pressed back into place. The result should be a breech seal fitting, looking and operating exactly as the original.

Archer Airguns supplies spare parts kits for many airguns, including some that are difficult to find elsewhere. These include the Benjamin Marauder, Armada and 397 models, Crosman Challenger, 240 and 1377 airguns. This is in addition to a range of parts and upgrades for QB78-type airguns and exotic items such as new production leather piston seals that fit a number of vintage spring/piston airguns.

Full disclosure. Archer Airguns Inc. is the owner of Hard Air Magazine.

Breech Seals For SIG ASP20