Reximex Throne Gen2 Compact PCP Now Available

A new addition to the burgeoning compact PCP air rifle market is the Reximex Throne Gen2 Compact bullpup PCP. It’s now available from Pyramyd.

HAM readers first encountered the Reximex Throne in our report from the 2019 IWA OutdoorClassics show in Germany. At that time, it was available as a full-length model only. It was also the first model to appear bearing the Reximex brand name.

Now the Turkish manufacturer has moved forward with a “Generation Two” version of the Throne.

Reximex Throne Gen2 Compact PCP Now Available

Improvements include the addition of a reversible sidelever. This can be switched to the opposite side of the stock by the user to provide ambidextrous operation.

Another improvement is the adjustable hammer spring tension wheel. This offers an easy method to fine tune the performance. Combined with the externally-adjustable transfer port and externally-adjustable regulator, there’s plenty of opportunities available for the enthusiast to customize his or her Throne!

Reximex Throne Gen2 Compact PCP Now Available

The safety now has a more conventional system of operation.

In early models this was actually part of the trigger guard! In the first model, the trigger blade could not be pulled back until the flat lower section of the trigger guard was pushed downwards. Now there’s a more conventional safety mechanism that’s located above the trigger.

The Throne Gen2 Compact has a short, 3,625 PSI, 300cc carbon fiber HPA air bottle. Combined with a 16.5-Inch barrel length, the overall length is a very compact 27.5 Inches.

Weight of the “bare” gun (without scope) is 7.3 Lbs. It’s available in .22 and .25 calibers.

The manufacturer’s specifications for the Throne give a Muzzle Energy of 34.9 Ft/Lbs with 65 consistent shots in .22 caliber.  It’s 31.3 Ft/Lbs and 55 consistent shots in .25 caliber.

Magazine capacity is 12 rounds in .22 cal and 10 in .25. Two magazines are included with the gun, as is a single-shot adapter. Pyramyd has additional spare magazines available for purchase also.

Reximex Throne Gen2 Compact PCP Air Rifle 0.22