RWS 3400 Break Barrel Air Rifles Now Available

RWS-branded air rifles have a long history of popularity in the USA. Now there’s a new model – the RWS 3400 break barrel air rifle.

Actually, there’s four versions of the 3400…

The RWS 3400 break barrel air rifle is available in both .177 and .22 calibers. Most interestingly, both calibers are available with a choice of power plants. You can choose the traditional spring/piston or – alternatively – the gas ram option.
Prices and FPS specs are identical for both power plants. So which to choose?

RWS 3400 Break Barrel Air Rifles

That’s a great questions and undoubtedly everyone will have a different answer. However, the HAM Team finds that spring/piston-powered guns tend to have a somewhat “softer” and longer-lasting recoil. We find the recoil of gas ram guns to be faster, sharper and a little harsher.

At any event, with the RWS 3400 break barrel air rifle, it’s your choice!

The 3400 is assembled in the USA by Umarex in their headquarters in Fort Smith, AR. The guns are built using European – primarily German – manufactured action parts. The ambidextrous hardwood stocks are created by the Italian stock specialists, Minelli.

Specifications give the maximum Muzzle Velocity with lead pellets – undoubtedly RWS Hobbies – as 1,000 FPS in .177 caliber and 800 FPS in .22 cal. That equates to Muzzle Energies of about 15.5 Ft/Lbs in the smaller caliber and 17 Ft/Lbs in the larger.

Overall length is 44.75 Inches and weight is around 7.9 Lbs.

The two-stage trigger is screw-adjustable for length of first stage travel. This adjustment does not, however, alter the pull weight. There’s an automatic safety.

The cocking effort specification is a relatively-light 25 Lbs.

RWS 3400 Break Barrel Air Rifles

Adjustable, fiber optic rear and front sights are fitted as standard. Standard airgun dovetail rails are also machined into the compression chamber for fitting a scope, should the user choose.

Each RWS 3400 break barrel air rifle is covered by a limited lifetime warranty for the original owner. This covers defects in workmanship and materials. Wear parts such as seals and mainsprings are warranted for 18 months from the original purchase date.

The warranty is provided by Umarex USA. Note that – understandably – this lifetime warranty does not cover guns used for commercial purposes of by institutions. In that case, Umarex USA’s regular 5-year warranty applies.

There’s planned to be a high-power model – the RWS 3500 – available in future, too…

RWS 3400 Air Rifle 0.177