SAM – Semi Auto Marauder Availability Update. It’s Soon!

Since HAM published our exclusive, 3-part in-depth coverage of the forthcoming “SAM”, we’ve been deluged with questions about Semi Auto Marauder availability. So here’s the latest, direct from the Velocity Outdoor Product Manager Phillip Guadalupe. That’s Phillip in our photograph above, showing us the SAM at the 2020 SHOT Show.

At the time of these previous posts about the SAM – back in February – the full impact of the Coronavirus pandemic had not yet hit New York state – where Velocity Outdoor is based. Back then, we reported that customers would see Semi Auto Marauder availability in about June 2020.

Well now it’s June, so what happened?

SAM - Semi Auto Marauder Availability Update

Well, Coronavirus happened, of course! But Phillip tells me that, while delayed, the SAM project is moving forward and they WILL be available very soon.

“Yes we have had – and continue to have – our fair share of delays and inefficiencies from working from home for 2.5 months.” Phillip explained. “But we are still working towards a launch within 4-6 weeks from now.” (That would be around early July).

“If everything goes well, we will start shipping from manufacturing at the end of this month (June).” He continued. “Full production is expected by mid-July. This is due to delays in the quantity production of parts from outside suppliers.”

Given that New York has been an epicenter for the Coronavirus epidemic in the USA, it will be VERY impressive for Velocity Outdoor to hit Phillip’s dates. No-one should underestimate the complexity of designing, sourcing and testing the large number of parts required to build a pretty-well completely new air rifle like the SAM.

To slip only a month or so in customer availability due to such an unprecedented – and unexpected – hit as Coronavirus, indicates the robust state of the Velocity Outdoors development process and the great people they have working in the company!

HAM hopes to have one of the first production Semi Auto Marauders for a full test review. We can’t wait…

The MSRP for the SAM is $729.99.

Benjamin Marauder Semi-Auto Air Rifle