Save Money With This New Air Venturi Avenger Bundle

Just introduced is a new Air Venturi Avenger bundle. This makes it easier for those getting into PCPs for the first time by including air rifle, hand pump and adapter all in one bundle.

Included with the bundle are two magazines and a single shot tray. All you need is a scope and pellets and you’re ready to go!

The sidelever-cocking Air Venturi Avenger is notable as bringing the flexibility of an externally-adjustable regulator to value-priced PCPs. The result is an extremely versatile air rifle that earned a HAM Gold Award on test.

Although the Avenger’s maximum fill pressure is 4,350 PSI, there’s no need to fill it to such levels. Even though the Hill pump included in this bundle is able to generate fill pressures of 4,500 PSI, not all of will want to work that hard!

In fact – with appropriate tuning – the Avenger can perform very creditably with fill pressures of 3,000 PSP. Even 2,000 PSI…

Now we’re talking! Such pressures are easily attainable with a hand pump.

As part of HAM’s extensive investigation of the Avenger, we produced a variety of “hand pump tunes” that worked well with the gun. Both power and shot count can be good even at these fill pressures, if the gun is correctly tuned.

These HAM tunes could be a great starting point for your own tuning activities with this Air Venturi Avenger bundle!

This bundle includes an Air Venturi Mk5 Hand Pump by Hill. Also included is the vital adapter that links the 1/8-Inch BSPP thread of the Hill pump’s output hose to a standard “Foster” (airgun standard) Female quick disconnect.

This Avenger Bundle is available in .177 cal, .22 caliber and .25 cal. It applies to the synthetic-stock, full-length gun. Compared to the price of buying gun, pump and adapter separately, this bundle also offers an useful saving of $24.98!

Air Venturi Avenger, Regulated PCP Air Rifle Pump Kit 0.25