Schofield No.3 BB Revolver Now Available With 5-Inch Barrel

The Barra Schofield No.3 BB revolver has been a popular choice among airgunners for some time. Now there’s a shorter barrel version available, with a 5-Inch barrel, instead of the previous 7-Inch version. The long barrel version remains available as well.

The 5-Inch barrel version is very similar in most respects to the longer barreled version except for – er – the barrel length!

Schofield No.3 BB Revolver

This makes the overall length of the short version 10.8 Inches. It’s available in three finishes. There’s black, aged black and nickel – the same choices as for the 7-Inch barreled version.

Remaining the same is the top break action, the metal frame and the single action operation.

Schofield No.3 BB Revolver

As would be expected with any CO2-powered airgun, the maximum velocity drops with the short-barreled version. The manufacturer’s spec is down from 445 FPS with the 7-Inch barrel to 400 FPS with the shorter length.

But, realistically, maximum FPS is not a key feature of CO2-powered BB guns. So most owners will not find this an issue.

The Barra Schofield No.3 BB revolver uses individually-loaded “cartridges”. This definitely adds to the fun and realism of shooting a replica revolver even though – or possibly because – the additional time this takes.

An easy and inexpensive way to personalize your Schofield No.3 is to replace the faux wood grips with faux ivory. These “ivory” grips are available as an aftermarket upgrade. They make a big difference to the appearance of your air pistol.

The full metal frame gives this BB revolver a solid feeling and weight of around 2 Lbs – close to that of the original firearm.

Schofield No. 3 Nickel CO2 BB Revolver, 5″ Barrel 0.177

Schofield No. 3 CO2 BB Revolver, 5″ Barrel 0.177

Schofield No. 3 Aged CO2 BB Revolver, 5″ Barrel 0.177
Schofield No. 3 Mock Ivory Grips