The Seneca Dragonfly – New Brand, New Product

The Seneca Dragonfly is a new multi-pump pneumatic air rifle. But who are Seneca airguns, you may say?

Well, Seneca is a new airgun brand that’s being distributed by Air Venturi. This being the case, you’ll find Seneca products for sale at such well-known online airgun stores as Pyramyd Air and Airgun Depot.

Seneca airguns include models which were previously sold under other brand names. These include the Sam Yang and Sumatra big bore PCPs. This means that models such as the Dragon Claw, Recluse are 909 Light Hunter are now branded as Seneca products.

The former Air Venturi Wingshot is also now the Seneca Wingshot.

There are also some Seneca parts and accessories available.

And, there’s the Seneca Dragonfly!

The Seneca Dragonfly - New Brand, New Product

This is a new multi-pump air rifle that was first revealed at the 2018 SHOT Show. It’s soon to be shipping – probably in May. Both .177 and .22 calibers will be available.

Muzzle Velocity specifications are for up to 800 FPS in .177 caliber and 630 FPS in .22 cal, with “real world” lead pellets. That’s for the maximum 8 pumps.

As a multi-pump airgun, the Dragonfly can be used with a lesser number of pumps also. In fact, it can be fired after just 3 pumps. Different numbers of pumps produce different FPS. This means that you can use less pumps if you’re shooting in a restricted area – such as a basement – and need a lower Muzzle Velocity for safety.

The Seneca Dragonfly is also the first multi-pump air rifle we have seen that includes a multi-shot magazine. The clip holds 9 pellets in .177 caliber, 7 in .22 cal.

The Seneca Dragonfly - New Brand, New Product

Overall, the Dragonfly looks very much like a multi-pump version of the Diana Stormrider. So we’d expect accuracy, trigger etc to be very similar to that gun. You can check out the HAM review of the Stormrider here.

Compared to the Stormrider, the Seneca Dragonfly has the versatility of multiple power levels, based on the number of pumps made before each shot. It also does not require a separate high pressure pump or HPA tank filling solution.

However you do need to pump the Dragonfly before taking a shot and the FPS is lower. But, hey, choice is good and that’s what the Seneca Dragonfly offers you!


Seneca Dragonfly Multi-Pump Air Rifle
Seneca Dragonfly Multi-pump Air Rifle