SIG AIR Super Target Pistol First Look

The SIG AIR Super Target Pistol is a new single-stroke pneumatic, single shot airgun. It’s designed for a single purpose – putting holes in paper targets at a range of 10 Meters.

HAM will be running a comprehensive test review of this new model in the near future. Today, let’s look at this air pistol in detail.

Starting at the beginning, we’ll open the custom hard plastic case. Once you’ve done this and removed the SIG AIR Super Target Pistol, make sure to remove the foam layer in the bottom section of the case. (We didn’t at first!).

Then you’ll find a comprehensive instruction manual, together with an O ring and Allen key.

SIG AIR Super Target Pistol First Look

The O ring is a spare to fit into the rear of the barrel. It acts as a breech seal. The Allen key is for making trigger adjustments.

Pellet loading is directly into the rear of the barrel. It’s easy enough once you have had some practice, but may result in a couple of dropped wadcutter pellets until you get the knack…

SIG AIR Super Target Pistol First Look

Cocking the SIG AIR Super Target Pistol is achieved by pulling back on the hammer at the same time as raising the slide/barrel assembly.

The slide is rotated right out around the front pivot pin until it stops.

SIG AIR Super Target Pistol First Look

Then the pellet is loaded and the barrel/slide returned to its original position.


As with most target air pistols, once the gun is cocked it’s live and ready to fire. This demands precision, disciplined handling on the range. But of course, that’s exactly what it will receive from the intended target audience for this airgun.

Out of the box, the trigger pull weight for the Super Target received by HAM was around 2 Lbs 5 Oz. This may reduce a little as we break-in the gun while shooting for the review.

There’s no less than four adjustment screws for the trigger. This makes it possible to tailor the trigger pull to the owner’s requirements.

SIG AIR Super Target Pistol First Look

Fortunately, the Owner’s Manual gives instructions for how these adjustments should be made. In a word – carefully!

This is a solid, traditional airgun of all wood and metal construction. It looks and feels good in the hand. That feeling of solidity is reinforced by a five year warranty through SIG SAUER.

The SIG AIR Super Target Pistol combines a fixed front sight with a rear sight which is adjustable for windage and elevation. Adjustment is by screwdriver or coin and there are clicks in both directions. Both front and rear sights are clear, sharp, square and easy to use.

The SIG AIR Super Target Pistol is not an exact replica air pistol in the sense that other SIG AIR models are. It’s not intended to be another fast-firing blowback replica – it’s a single-shot target air pistol for precision competitive shooting.

However, it is close in size, appearance and weight to the SIG P210 firearm. This will undoubtedly please many SIG fans. HAM Air Pistol Tester Doug Wall can’t wait to get to grips with it!

SIG AIR Super Target Pistol