SIG MCX Airgun Upgrades

Recently, HAM reviewed the SIG MCX Gen 2 pellet rifle. We liked the gun and decided to add some accessories to it.  So here’s our SIG MCX airgun upgrades.

Note that these accessory upgrades apply equally to the following current SIG airgun models:

SIG MCX Gen 2 (HAM Silver Award winner)

SIG MCX Rattler Canebrake (HAM Gold Award winner)

SIG MCX Virtus PCP (HAM Bronze Award winner)


As we noted in our MCX Gen 2 review, we weren’t too keen on the pistol grip.

Fortunately – as with all SIG CO2- and HPA-powered long guns – this pistol grip is easily removed. As it can be replaced with a standard AR15-fit grip, there’s a huge number of replacements available.

SIG MCX airgun upgrades

As we had a Leapers UTG Pro AR-15 grip available, we decided to fit that for the first of our SIG MCX airgun upgrades. (It’s Leapers part RBUPG01D, MSRP just $16.97).

This added a dash of contrasting color to the gun. We also preferred the rake of the grip and the finger ridges. It looks great, doesn’t it?

SIG MCX airgun upgrades

While at the job, we also added a simple Mil-Spec black nylon sling. It’s 1 1/4-Inches wide and fits easily into the sling mount in the buttstock.

SIG MCX airgun upgrades

For forend attachment, we simply threaded the sling between a couple of M-LOK slots. Sure, we could have added a dedicated MLOK sling swivel, but this “basic approach” certainly did the trick!

So now we have our MCX Gen 2 looking pretty! It’s more comfortable to carry and shoot, too, with these SIG MCX airgun upgrades.

SIG MCX airgun upgrades

The other accessories on the gun are a 3-9x32AO UTG Bugbuster scope, together with a UTG Super Slim Riser. That riser brought the scope’s eyeline up by 1/2-Inch, making the MCX easier for us to shoot without contorting our necks. (Your neck may be different!).

Then we installed a UTG Recon Flex II bipod. This has two separate legs and locks tight into the MLOK slots in the MCX’s forend. Sure, there are cheaper bipods out there, but this was one we had in-house and it certainly works well and looks good.

SIG MCX Airgun Upgrades

So those are our SIG MCX airgun upgrades!

As you can see, the SIG long guns can be accessorized well for both appearance and shootability. Have fun 🙂

SIG Sauer MCX Pellet Rifle Gen 2, Black 0.177
SIG Sauer MCX Rattler Canebrake CO2 Pellet Rifle 0.177
UTG Super Slim Picatinny Riser Mount, .5 Height, 13 Slots