SIG SAUER Electro-Optics Introduces ZULU6 Image Stabilized Binoculars

New SIG SAUER Electro Optics ZULU6 image stabilized binoculars use the company’s Optical Image Stabilization Technology to deliver a sharp image at high magnifications.

Everyone knows the effect that shaking (even breathing) can have when you’re looking through a high magnification scope or binoculars. It can ruin your view even if you have extremely sharp optics.

In some cases, it’s necessary to dial-back the magnification in order to see the subject more clearly. If you’re using a zoom scope, that is. For example, Doug Rogers recent experience when shooting in the Extreme Benchrest 9.5 competition.

Most serious airgun hunters value the benefits a pair of binoculars offer. Generally these are a wide field of view, combined with easy manoeuverability and light weight. They’re great for scanning an area an identifying a target, before aiming your air rifle.

ZULU6 Image Stabilized Binoculars

ZULU6 image stabilized binoculars use an electronically-stabilized, two-axis gimbal system to cancel out vibration and improve the image you see in the field.

There’s two models: a 10x30mm and a 16x42mm. The company says that both ZULU6 models are guaranteed to provide extreme clarity with unmatched image stability.

SIG SAUER says that ZULU6 image stabilized binoculars are available for purchase at retail stores and in the online company store at

ZULU6 10x30 BinocularsZULU6 16x42 Binoculars
Objective Diameter30mm42mm
Field of View5.2 degrees3.8 degrees
Overall Length
5.9 Inches7.1 Inches
Overall Height4.7 Inches4.7 Inches
Overall Width1.9 Inches2.8 Inches
Weight18.6 Ounces20 Ounces