SIG Virtus PCP Now Shipping – Will Be Available For Sale Very Soon

The SIG Virtus PCP air rifle is now shipping. That’s the latest news from SIG SAUER about their first PCP airgun.

As the Virtus is shipping from SIG SAUER, that means that it should be in stock and available for purchase by early July – in HAM’s estimate.

HAM has already brought you much detail about this eagerly-awaited product. However these reports were based on a pre-production sample and there may be a few slight differences in the full production units now shipping.

We took a “first look” overview of the Virtus in this story.

Then you can read-up on how to add a bipod using the M-Lok handguard slots.

We also added an aftermarket stock to improve the appearance and shooting comfort of the SIG Virtus PCP air rifle.

So there’s plenty to read about this new air rifle already in HAM.

As a reminder, ths fast-firing SIG Virtus PCP air rifle uses a 30-round belt magazine similar to that of the CO2-powered MCX and MPX models. It’s a pellet-firing gun, unlike the majority of military centerfire lookalikes which use BBs as their ammunition.

Available in .22 caliber, the Virtus has a claimed Muzzle Velocity of up to 700 FPS, together with a Muzzle Energy of around 11 Ft/Lbs.

The 13 Cu Inch capacity HPA tank has a maximum fill pressure of 3,000 PSI. This is regulated down to 1,100 PSI for use in the action. SIG says that up to 150 shots are produced from one fill of High Pressure Air.

The Virtus is already in stock for sale in the SIG online store.

Sig Sauer ASP MCX Virtus PCP Air Rifle 0.22
SIG Sauer MCX Virtus Air Rifle