Sightron Wins Big At 2024 Extreme Airgun Challenge

Here’s some more news from the 2024 Extreme Airgun Challenge in Oregon. Popular riflescope manufacturer Sightron wins multiple times in conjunction with SKOUT Airguns!

The Sightron-sponsored Skout Airguns factory team competed in the 100-yard Benchrest Challenge in both pellet and slug categories. They also took on the Extreme Long-Range Challenge with targets waaaaay out at between 145 and 300 Yards.

Competitors the 2024 Extreme Airgun Challenge attended from all across the country to compete in this 3-day event comprised of multiple disciplines. For example, the Skout Team traveled from Pennsylvanis for the match. That’s dedication!

They also had to overcome extreme weather conditions, ranging from mid 70s and sunny to mid 30s and sleet. The snow line was only a few hundred Feet above the range…

The Skout shooters used Sightron’s SVIII for pellets and S6 for slugs to overcome these challenges. They were able to put up consistent scores allowing them to make it to the finals.

Sightron Wins Big At 2024 Extreme Airgun Challenge

Luke Sowinski put up the 2nd highest 3-card score in the pellet division. That’s Luke in our photographs above.

Skout Airguns Co-Owner Bill Gardner placed 1st in the 100-yard slug finals. Sponsored shooter Robert Steele tied for 1st in the Pellet division finals.

“The SKOUT Airguns Factory Team is proud to be using Sightron riflescopes,” said Luke Sowinski, Director of Research and Development for SKOUT Airguns.

“It is the clear choice when it comes to optical clarity and brightness,” he continued. “Using Sightron has definitely given our team an advantage in competition. Sightron wins! Thank you for your continued support.”

You can find out more about Sightron scopes at the company website. Feel free to buy them there, too…