Skout Airguns At The 2023 SHOT Show

Loyalhanna, PA-based Skout Airguns was at the 2023 SHOT Show, making exciting announcements about the availability of their new Epoch air rifle.

Hans Semelsberger (in our heading photograph above) explained all about the new model to me. Thanks Hans!

Skout Airguns At The 2023 SHOT Show

The Skout Epoch is an extremely versatile, electronically-controlled PCP that’s available in calibers from .177 to .35. The company confirms that the first guns are shipping now in .30 caliber. Other calibers will follow in about a month – let’s make that March…

Pricing is $2,950 for all calibers from .177 to .30 cal. The .35 model with longer barrel is $100 extra. Hans stressed that the Epoch provides the owner with a competition-ready air rifle “straight out of the box”.

Although the Skout Airguns booth was very small, it was surrounded by enthusiastic show attendees – at least every time I saw it!

The sidelever Epoch is – of course – regulated and includes an integrated moderator and magazine feed. It also includes three bores for each caliber.

Skout Airguns At The 2023 SHOT Show

Skout Airguns has specific barrels for pellets and slugs in each caliber. Barrel change is easy and intuitive. Below, we see the rear of the receiver with barrel removed.

Skout Airguns At The 2023 SHOT Show

The Epoch is designed to use the minimum of wearing parts. Parts manufacturing quality is extremely impressive, combined with innovative design. Many parts are CNC-manufactured in-house. Below we see the regulator (left) and valve (right).

Skout Airguns At The 2023 SHOT Show

As an electronically-controlled air rifle, set-up and control of the Epoch is undertaken using the small screen incorporated in the rear of the pistol grip – as we can see from the photograph below.

Skout Airguns At The 2023 SHOT Show

In the next photograph, we see detail of the built-in moderator.

There’s a lot more to learn about the Epoch, including where to buy one!

Sales Director Darryl Trent  told me that Skout Airguns is building-up an international dealer base very rapidly. There will be a dealer locator map on their website in the near future.

If you are among the many who want to be among the first to own an Epoch, the best thing to right now is to contact Darryl by phone at 724-879-5204, or email him at He’ll advise a dealer for you to contact. Don’t forget to tell him you read about the Epoch in Hard Air Magazine!

You can find more information on the Skout Airguns website, too.