Split Second Drama In EBR Speed Silhouette Open Finals

EBR Speed Silhouette is always a dramatic and exciting event. Everyone gathers round to watch and there’s a tense silence from the spectators as the shooters shoot and the targets fly.

Everything happens so fast!

But this year’s Speed Silhouette Open Class final had yet an extra touch of drama…

In fact, the course was cleared first by the person who placed second.


Below. Lauren and Justin shot side-by-side. They both knew the result was incredibly close.

EBR Speed Silhouette

Yes, it’s true! Justin Welch from the Utah Airguns team placed first shooting an FX Impact. Yet Lauren Parsons from Airguns of Arizona actually cleared the course faster using an LCS SK-19 in .22 caliber.

To understand this, you have to know that Airguns of Arizona is dedicated to making Extreme Benchrest as fair and ethical as a competition can be. That includes making some tough calls – even if the result goes against their own shooter!

When scoring the EBR Speed Silhouette competition, AoA uses state-of-the art electronic timers. The winner is the person who not only clears the course but also HITS THE TIMER BUTTON FIRST.

Lauren and Justin were both convinced they were the winner of the Open Class finals. Each cleared the 20 tiny targets in just 26 seconds. That’s incredible shooting by both competitors!

Most spectators thought Lauren had won. But there was a difference of just sixty thousandths of a second between them…

Below. Lauren certainly thought she had won. So did Justin by the look on his face!

EBR Speed Silhouette

To be certain, the Extreme Benchrest judges not only examined the results from the centralized timer system, they also analyzed slow-motion video of the shooters in action.

The videos showed that Lauren cleared her final target first. It was flying through the air while Justin still had one to hit. Then Lauren thrust out her hand for the timer button. But she missed. Her hand hit the side of the timer box. Aaghhh!!!

Instantly she reacted and hit the timer button. But in that split second, Justin had cleared his last target and reached out. His hand hit the timer button just sixty thousandths of a second ahead of Lauren.

From the video, it looked like this…

EBR Speed Silhouette Open Finals

Of course Lauren was disappointed. But – fortunately – she could still smile for the cameras!

EBR Speed Silhouette

The rules say that the winner is the person who has the fastest time from the start to hitting the timer button.

So Justin was the winner by those sixty thousandths of a second. But Lauren cleared the course first with her LCS SK-19. It can’t get any closer than that!

Below. The first place included bragging rights, a $3,000.00 cash prize and an LCS SK-19 air rifle worth $2,099.