STUD Magazine Loader For FX Impact Now Available

Recently, HAM brought you information about the new range of STUD magazine loaders. Now the STUD product line has been expanded with the addition of a magazine loader for FX Impact X MkII.

The design of the STUD magazine loader for FX Impact is identical to that of the existing loaders for Dreamline, Crown and Wildcat MkIII. The new model is larger to accommodate the larger diameter and higher capacity of the “Sideshot-style” Impact magazine.

STUD Magazine Loader For FX Impact Now Available

The new STUD loader makes loading the Impact’s high capacity rotary magazine fast and easy. It’s even faster and easier when combined with the corresponding STUD Feeder. This orientates the pellets for the STUD Loader and the loader is used to transfer them into the magazine.

Again, Rather than describe how the STUD mag loader works, it’s much quicker if you look at a video, It’s on the Home Page of the STUD mag loader website. Just scroll down to the third section of the page . The video’s constantly looping there for you to see…


STUD Magazine Loader For FX Impact Now Available

As with the smaller STUD loaders and feeders, these Impact-sized models are clearly designated by color. The yellow kit shown above is for .22 caliber.

Blue is .177 caliber. Orange is for .25 cal and red for .30 caliber. This makes it easy to spot the correct caliber loader in a range bag.

The solid plastic construction of STUD loaders and feeders looks to be highly durable. There’s also nothing to go wrong. By comparison, loading Impact magazines by hand looks like a chore.

STUD loaders and feeders are going to be an essential item of equipment for anyone shooting Speed Silhouette competition with an Impact in future!

All STUD products are manufactured right here in the USA. They’re now available in multi-packs of loaders and bundles of feeder and loader.

If you want to load your new FX Impact fast, check out the STUD website. You can find out more product information and order direct from the manufacturer.