Take A Close Look At This Left Hand Daystate Revere

Nowadays it’s extremely rare to find an air rifle dedicated for Southpaws. But this left hand Daystate Revere – strictly Daystate Huntsman Revere – shows that at least one manufacturer is willing to produce such a model.

HAM specialist PCP reviewer Doug Rogers is left-handed. He’s survived – sometimes suffered – testing a ton of models with ambidextrous stocks on what are essentially right-handed guns. So he’s really looking forward to shooting this left hand Daystate Revere!

So what makes a dedicated left-hand air rifle? Basically, it’s the design of the stock and the positioning of the cocking lever (or bolt).

Take A Close Look At This Left Hand Daystate Revere

The stock for this left hand Daystate Revere is beautifully-manufactured – as you would expect – by the Italian specialist stock-making company, Minelli. That’s what the “M in a circle” means at the rear of the pistol grip.

In this case, the high comb of the Revere is extravagantly rolled-over, making it ideal for left-handers to obtain a comfortable cheek weld.

Take A Close Look At This Left Hand Daystate Revere

Not only that, but the area above the stock’s wrist is sculpted so that it’s comfortable to shoot in the “thumb up” position for left-handers.

Then, of course, there’s the cocking lever. The Daystate Hunstman Revere has a breech designed to make this installable on either side.

Most left-handers would probably prefer to have the cocking lever on the left side, as with the gun here. But, of course, there’s always the possibility of combining right-hand cocking with the dedicated left-hand stock. Doug is interested in trying this possibility himself…

Take A Close Look At This Left Hand Daystate Revere

As it happens, the Revere’s safety is placed to the left side of the gun as standard, making things even more convenient. The safety is that red lever at the rear of the action.

As you would expect for a Daystate, the cocking lever itself is buttery-smooth to operate and falls perfectly to hand – whichever side of the gun it’s located on.

Of course, we’ll be covering the regular features and benefits of the Huntsman Revere in our full HAM test review in future. Keep checking-back for that…

Daystate Huntsman Revere