Take A Look At The Air Venturi Comp10 PCP Match Air Pistol

A new product joining the Air Venturi range is the Air Venturi Comp10 PCP air pistol. It’s intended for entry-level competition in 10-Meter events.

Hence the name, “Comp10”. Geddit?

Air Venturi Comp10 PCP Match Air Pistol

The first thing to say about the Comp10 is the price. It’s just $599.99, which is attractive for a match-grade target pistol with a regulated action.

The gun is supplied in a hard synthetic case. As is expected with match pistols, this is a single-shot .177 caliber model that requires the HPA tube to be removed for filling.

In addition to a set of O rings, the Comp10 is supplied with two charging adapters. The smaller one allows it to be connected to a standard “Foster” 1/8-Inch NPT fitting. The larger, brass, part is a DIN-type adapter.

Air Venturi specs call for about 200 consistent shots per fill of the 65 cc HPA cylinder to its maximum 3,625 psi (250 Bar) pressure.

The Comp10 is 16.5 Inches long and weighs-in at 2.4 Lbs.

Air Venturi Comp10 PCP Match Air Pistol

As you would expect for a target pistol, the whole gun is about precision and accuracy. Let’s make that precision at 10 Meters shooting lead wadcutter pellets at bullseye targets.

High Muzzle Velocity has no place is the requirements for this type of air pistol. Instead, there’s much emphasis on – for example – the pistol grip.

This is manufactured from walnut-stained, shaped and stippled beech hardwood. It includes an adjustable palm shelf to adapt for hands of different sizes.

Air Venturi Comp10 PCP Match Air Pistol

Because of the huge amount of practice required for successful 10 Meter match competition, the Air Venturi Comp10 PCP match pistol is fitted with a dry-fire capability. This allows the gun to be “fired” in every respect except for launching a pellet downrange.

The small lever shown below is the dry-fire control switch.

The trigger is adjustable in a multitude of ways to match the shooter’s requirements. For example, the trigger blade can be moved forward or back, up or down.

There’s adjustments for the first stage weight and travel.  Also sear engagement and trigger overtravel.

It’s a very complex unit!

Air Venturi Comp10 PCP Match Air Pistol

Cocking is undertaken using the vertical-operating lever.

Air Venturi Comp10 PCP Match Air Pistol

The open rear sight is windage and elevation-adjustable. The rear sight itself can be moved back or forward along the action if required, too. The front sight is a fixed post.

Finally, we find a clue to the manufacturer on the face plate of the pressure gauge. For those not familiar with Snowpeak, the company is probably the world’s largest airgun manufacturer with a large range of successful models to their credit.

Air Venturi Comp10 Match PCP Air Pistol 0.177