Texas Big Bore Airgun Hunting Has been Authorized

Finally! Texas big bore airgun hunting has been authorized.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has passed new rules at their August 23rd meeting that will become effective in late September for the 2018 hunting season. This means that big bore, PCP air guns will be a legal means of harvesting big game, turkey, alligator, and furbearers with the following stipulations.

For Big Game, Turkey, and Alligator the restrictions areas follows:

– Minimum caliber .30.

– Shooting either a minimum of 150 grain bullet at 800 fps at the muzzle.

– Alternatively, any combination of projectile weight and speed that produces at least 215 Ft/Lbs of energy at the muzzle.

– For Furbearers, a minimum of .30 caliber is required.

A complete explanation of TPWD’s new regulations can be found at: https://tpwd.texas.gov/regulations/outdoor-annual/hunting/air-gun-arrow-gun-regulations

“We are very excited by the TPWD’s rule changes regarding the use of big bore air rifles and look forward to being able to pursue game with the rifles we manufacture here in our home state of Texas.” said Cameron Brinkerhoff Director of Marketing for AirForce Airguns.

“Following our success demonstrating the capability of big bore air rifles with the Arkansas Fish & Game Commission, we started working closely with representatives from TPWD.”

“During the evaluation process TPWD officials successfully harvested multiple White Tail deer using the AirForce Texan in .30 caliber,” he added. “These new regulations will not only expand the opportunities for existing sportsman, but also create opportunities for new hunters to get into the field.”

This Texas Texas Big Bore airgun hunting authorization means that it now joins the growing list of states to allow big bore rifles to be used during hunting season. Tennessee, Michigan, Arizona, Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, and Virginia all currently allow gig bore rifles to be used for big game hunting.

Air Force says that he Texan has also been popular for taking non-game animals and predators such as feral hogs and coyotes in multiple states, including Texas.